How To Handle Logistics To 10x Your Pulling

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Logistics, put simply, is the art and science of having your shit together – which enables a smooth flow when it comes to pulling someone back to your pad.

Logistics are really the #1 problem in most people’s lives. Most people, in fact, are prevented from pulling and are hampered in their social life on a regular basis… by obstacles – such as poverty, poor health, the grind or just some other awkward BS that has not been handled and thus gets in the way.

A huge number of the problems that people have in the game can in fact be traced back to poor logistics – and this is an interesting point because it is less often discussed than other “game issues” such as what your opening line is going to be. If you have your logistics handled, then other areas flow more easily and more effortlessly and your social life can flourish. It’s all in the preparation.

If you are genuinely interested in having a great “single person lifestyle”, then give this document serious consideration. Having all these basics handled gives you huge opportunities to enjoy yourself – and having a great lifestyle with options will increase your overall charm, confidence and quality of life. And you will be amazed how much easier pulling becomes when there are no bumps in the road.

Examples of shitty logistics

• Your pad being 55 miles out of town in the countryside. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the countryside. But when it comes to pulling, how many people are going to go all the way out there per year to visit you? About 3. And if you invite them back spontaneously, say after the nightclub, it’s a major commitment that they simply might not be prepared for, in addition to the “Where the hell are you taking me?” factor. Whereas if your pad is 50 yards away, the likelihood they will say yes is vastly increased. If they meet two nice people that night, one of whom lives one block away and is having an after-party, and the other lives 55 miles away in some unheard-of neck of the woods, then guess who gets the pull? The exception to this rule is if you have the kind of country residence where you can hold grand parties of sufficient calibre that people will be willing to travel in order to attend; but even so – unless you are Gatsby – you are unlikely to be able to get the crowd more than two or three times per year.

• You have no totally private space to call your own.

• Your car is full of trash, bits of used chewing gum, the “service engine soon” light is on and you have no money for gas.

• You have 3 weeks worth of dirty laundry piled up in the corner of your room.

• You are sofa-surfing and sleeping on the sofa of your friends house – and you’ve been instructed to not bring anyone back after 8pm.

• You have a rotten, stinking cold and it’s the only weekend off you have in the next 6 months.

• You went out for the night in a car with a group of 5, it’s 2am, the club is kicking out and all the others want to go to another location, so you have no realistic option but to tag along.

• You have to be up in 3 hours to go to work.

• You are in town on your motorbike but you have no spare helmet with you.

• You haven’t slept in 2 days and are zoning out.

• The hot water tank at your flat is broken, or the electricity has gone out, or any other variation of cold / dark / damp.

• Anything else that could be considered a “bump in the road” or obstacle to being able to lead someone wherever you want them to go; anything that obstructs the smooth flow of events and gets in the way.

You can pull with all these logistical hurdles – but the point is you are making it unnecessarily hard for yourself – and your success rate will be massively diminished.

Can you see how in every case, these poor logistics are caused by poor organization and poor prior planning? So, get your life in order first and THEN go out on the pull. Things will start to become easier. Other issues in your game can start to be seen for what they actually are, and then you can fix them.

Logistic 1: The basics

You should be healthy, in shape, independent, have an income and have your shit together in general. Handle any “life problems” that would interfere i.e. don’t be broke, or caught up in any problematic situation. Be drama-free. Be fit. Being in great shape is probably more important than ever these days, where people are inundated with more options than ever before. Don’t skimp on this! You should also have some actual free time and be what is known as “emotionally available”.

Logistic 2: The pad

If you have your own nice, private apartment close to the attract location, then it makes things easy. If you are asked “What are you up to?” by a person interested in getting to know you more intimately, it can go somewhere – because you can simply say “I’m going back to my place – it’s just a couple blocks away – to spin some records and have some tea and cake, wanna come?”

Location is hugely important. If your pad is half a block from meet/attract locations, in town, near to where lots of people hang out, then you will have social and potentially romantic opportunities every single day. So not only do your overall numbers go up by virtue of the fact that you have more chances, but the psychology of knowing that you have more chances means that you are more relaxed and carefree, which improves your game still further.

Love the countryside? Work your ass off, get an in-town bachelor pad as well as a country spot and have the best of both worlds. If you are just in town for a long weekend, get a hotel suite or an Airbnb “whole apartment” for the weekend. No excuses, if you want to pull you have to respect the game. The major pickup “gurus” generally recommend moving to a major city if you want results. It just increases your options massively.

Your pad should be the kind of place that people would enjoy chilling at, even if they were not sexually interested in you – simply because it’s a dope place to hang out. When mixed sets (guys and girls) or groups of girls (not just groups of bros) are texting you saying “can we hang at your place after the club” – you know you’ve got it right.

Note, it does NOT need to be a millionaire’s mansion. In fact it is better for pulling if it is NOT, because that would actually change the tone of the interaction in a way that is not desirable. It just needs to be up together. Don’t trick off your paper.

Your pad should be clean, uncluttered, comfortable, tidy and at least modestly stylish. If someone is “weird” it is usually reflected in their home environment – their home is weird too! It’s a good idea to have your rooms organized according to their primary purpose. In other words, don’t have anything in the bedroom that is unrelated to rest, sleep and sex. If you have a home office, put it in a different room to your general living area – because offices are usually cluttered, and less harmonious / relaxing than a social area should be. If you need ideas for ways to improve the style of your place, look on Pinterest or google images for inspiration.

Make sure your home is not “anti-social” or off-putting in any way. The way you keep your home says a lot about your standards in life. If your bathroom stinks it will likely be assumed that your balls stink too. So all traces of “gross” bachelor habits – pubes in the bathtub, garbage can overflowing, dirty socks on the bedroom floor, dirty dishes in the sink etc – should be gone. Spruce up that nest, son! You should care about the quality of the experience of someone who is visiting your home.

Always over-deliver on promises. First of all, actually have what you say that you have. If you offer cake when inviting someone back, but have nothing but a couple of moldy old carrots in the fridge, then you just caused trust to diminish, rather than grow. However strive to have MORE than what you initially offered – so that people are pleasantly surprised. So if you offer tea, cake and records – then also have cool lighting, a gorgeous sofa to lounge on, a dope selection of DVDs and a widescreen TV, etc etc.

You should be able to bust out some snacks, drinks or even make dinner at the drop of a dime.

Your bathroom should have a stack of nice, clean, fluffy towels. In general, if there is one room in the house that should be spotless, it should be the bathroom. If you can’t bear to do it yourself, hire someone to do a deep clean.

Other cool things to have in the place:
• Massage table.
• DJ setup / good quality sound system for an “instant party”.
• Philips Hue lighting system – the multicolored bulbs – are totally awesome. Being able to boss the lighting into some cool shades at the touch of a button; it’s way cool.
• Video projector or big screen TV.
• Several extra cushions and fluffy throws, for those impromptu movie night moments / extra guests.
• Assorted drinks and snacks.
• “Outdoor chill zone” for those summer sessions. This could include barbecue area, swimming pool, hot tub, loggia / gazebo, covered porch, rooftop garden, etc…

Have a playlist of cool tunes lined up so that you don’t have to be fucking around with that stuff endlessly, or have to get up every 5 minutes to mess with the stereo.

Movies generally provide a “plausible reason” for someone to hang around for a while. Have a selection there. I like DVDs because they are visible. If they are out on the table, someone can indicate interest obliquely by saying “I haven’t seen this!” Then it’s an easy matter to say “wanna watch it?”, dim the lights, get out the fluffy blankets, cosy up on the sofa and allow the magic to happen.

Your bedroom should also have essentials such as condoms, lube, box of tissues somewhere discreet but close to hand. If the panties are just about to come off and you suddenly think “crap, I didn’t get condoms”… then you just ruined the moment.

A variation on the “cool pad” that I have seen involves having a tour bus or RV for festivals and events. This kind of “party zone” is invariably popular and a great way to have summer adventures.

Logistic 3: Transportation

Now depending on where you are in the world, this may mean different things. In the USA for example, it almost invariably means car. Even in cities such as LA, getting around without a car is difficult and cumbersome. If you are out of town, in bumfuck USA, it can be almost impossible. In European cities, you may be just fine without a car, depending on public transport. London for example is just fine with an Oyster card that covers buses and tube. If you are out on the pull with your car, make sure it is clean, comfortable, doesn’t stink and any issues are taken care of. Keep a cosy blanket in the back.

Logistic 4: Look

Look really good, be sharp dressed, clean, well groomed and “100% ready to hit the town”. For a full tutorial check out our LooksMaxing Tutorial – How To Be The Hot Guy That Women Notice.

Logistic 5: Catch card

A catch card is similar to a business card, only it does not contain business information. You are simply giving someone a way to get hold of you. It should have a name and a phone number, with a moderately stylish presentation – that’s it. It’s purely for social purposes. You don’t want to give a business card to a lady you are attracted to, because that leaves some vagueness as to whether your intentions were professional or social.

Asking for a number these days can be awkward – and if the person is not into it, they are required to make an excuse. This also leads to flaking, you get the number and then they don’t pick up, or it is a fake number. The good thing about giving someone your catch card is that a) they will accept it without awkwardness, and if they are not into you, they simply will not call. Whereas if you get a text from them, you know that there is genuine interest in actually getting to know you. So it is non-threatening and a perfect way to screen for actual interest. It also stops you from any possibility of wasting time chasing someone who is not actually going to follow through. If a conversation with someone has gone well, but there is no opportunity for an “instant date”, you are out of time, or they might be about to bounce, simply say as you hand them the card “text me later / when you are free and we will go and have coffee / meet for a drink” etc.


Logistics FIRST, fun second. ALWAYS. You should fix ALL this stuff before you go out and hit up your favorite spot in town. It just takes work, effort, focus and commitment – that’s all. Note how when it is all handled you will have increased confidence and your mind will be clearer as a result. You will be in control and won’t have any of these worries lurking in the back of your mind, and so you will be able to act without hesitation – because you are now a smooth operator who has their act together on fundamental levels. If you have a spark with someone and they are into you, you can move things forward. Congratulations!

Note how none of this stuff is manipulative. You are simply making it easy for good things to happen – and if someone likes you, they will appreciate that you made the effort to ensure that there were not all these obstacles involved in getting close to you.

It’s not rocket science to get all this together, but it does take some hard work. Maintaining your own successful independent lifestyle in this manner typically involves some real effort. So get cracking because life is short and you don’t want to be looking back in 10 years thinking “if only”. Trust me on that one. Most of the tips in this guide were drawn from actual true-story experiences where logistical hiccups prevented the pull from going down. Damn, I cannot even tell you how much I wish I had had this knowledge when I was 20.

And every day that you do NOT have this together, is a day lost to history. If you don’t fix it, you’ve no-one but yourself to blame…

Final note – if there is anyone in your life who is preventing you from getting all this together, and is an obstacle to you living the kind of fulfilled life that you envision… it might be time to move on. You should be in any romantic relationship out of choice, not because of of a perceived lack of options. And if you have friends or a living scenario that is cockblocking you, it might be time to cut loose and make a clean start.

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