10s Are Out There – Right Now – Just WAITING For You To Come Along And Snap Them Up!

You just can’t do it.

Don’t chase. Be top notch and attract. She is HUNGRY for the right man and your goal is to be him.

But how will you achieve this monumental task, which sometimes seems like scaling the highest mountain on Earth?

Well, she has TONS of information for you – if you are paying attention – about how you need to improve and the possibilities that await if you do.

It’s what drives us.

I found a 10 today. Well, several actually. They are all over the place. Falling off the trees! But here’s one for an example:

I wish I could show you her profile but privacy will not allow it…

She is 20. French. 5’7″. SMOKING HOT. Dressed in black. Looking incredible. Edible. Slender. Lithe. Sensual. Fine AS HELL. Looking READY for something amazing.

These fucking French girls, man. Jesus on a bicycle. They just keep on minting ’em. Decade after decade.

I swear they keep on getting hotter though. Shit is beyond.

So I translated from the French…

Gentle, attentive and wishing to enjoy life.

She would ideally like to meet a kind and generous man for something ongoing.

She would love to meet someone respectful and kind who would accomodate her for a few weeks if possible while she finds accomodation in Paris.

Are you fucking kidding me? Do my eyes deceive me, brother?

Nope. It’s real. This 10 wants to meet a cool dude and move in for a few weeks.

Let that sink in for a minute!

She doesn’t want to meet a dud. She wants to meet a man she is extremely attracted to (of course)….

and she will fuck your brains out for weeks this summer while searching for a place of her own.

All over your flat. On the bed. On the floor. Bent over the kitchen table.

It’s like the stuff of dreams, my friend.

She’s clearly indicating the kind of man you need to be in order to land this. NOT just “some guy” who will put her up and then make clumsy advances.

If you’ve got an apartment in Paris, a nice car to go pick her up, a cool vibe, no bumps in the road, sexy demeanour… she is literally fucking yours. Right now.

Be sure to check her out carefully and walk away if there are red flags. I didn’t see any though!

You don’t have a flat in Paris??? No chiseled physique??

Why the fuck not? There are flats in Paris. Money exists. Kettlebells exist. The rest is up to you. All those minutes you spent watching garbage on Youtube… you could have been moving towards it.

Maybe you just didn’t want her BADLY ENOUGH. And she will go to someone who does and is driven by his desire to forge himself into the man SHE desires.

Get it? Tens are out there! In droves!

Have your SHIT TOGETHER and be fully dateable on all levels.

Do that first!!!! Be PREPARED! Start NOW!!!! Read my logistics tutorial –> How To Handle Logistics: A Five Step Plan To 10x Your Pulling

And you better be training every day.

The way is in training. Weren’t you paying attention?

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