3 Reasons Why You Might Be Better Off Choosing An 8 Than A 10

Reason #1: The 10 Is Playing To The Gallery

I’ve had girlfriends who were “10s”, including models getting paid thousands per day – and being perfectly honest… one of those experiences in particular sucked big time.

It was awful.

She was literally the best looking girl in my local area. We were together I am guessing about 4 months.

If I had not been “pussy struck” it would have been far less than that. She treated me like garbage and I, being young and having no options that came anywhere near to her level of hotness… put up with it.

She was an absolute attention seeker of the most insecure and needy kind imaginable. And she got so much attention that no matter how disrespectfully she acted… guys continued to worship her.

That’s not a recipe for character development, captain. She was an “accident of nature” and progressively becoming more and more messed up on the inside as a result.

She was strikingly good looking. The kind of girl where EVERY other guy is trying to hit on her, often right in your face – and trying to start shit with you just for existing!

If we were in the bar, I would go for a pee and they would make their move. Every single fucking time. And she would lead them on.

If they said “Can I buy you a drink?” she would say yes, knowing full well where it was going, and then say “This is my boyfriend” a few minutes later.

Gee, thanks. This guy is now eyeballing me like “Can I take him?”

The problem with these girls is, they are a 10 “for the audience” – and not for any guy in particular.

They are attention seekers… and no amount of attention is ever enough.

Reason #2: If She’s A 10 In Your Eyes, You’re Already Hooked; And So She Won’t Bother Trying To Treat You Well

All women have the ability to “turn up or down the voltage” of their looks – often to such an extraordinary degree that you almost wouldn’t recognize them as the same woman!

Bearing this in mind – it’s far better to have a girl who is a 7-8 for the general public and saves the 10 for you, privately, alone, when you are in the bedroom.

Wouldn’t you prefer that? Hell yes you would!

Finding a girl who is an 8, is in my view “the sweet spot”. 9 absolute max but that might be a bit too high for most guys.

If she is a 7 or less in your eyes, you are likely to stray. It probably won’t last. Aim higher.

Whereas if she is 9+, you are probably too smitten to keep her interest. Unless you blow all of the competition out of the water in her eyes.

8 is “just right”. The perfect blend of desirable and attainable.

Another beautiful thing about a girl who is “only an 8” in your eyes is that while she’s “definitely hot enough” for you to want her, she’s not so hot that she’s complacent about your attention.

It’s far better that you see her as an 8 and she sees you as 9+. That’s the win right there.

Overall; rather than chasing girls who are “out of your league”, go for the hottest girl you can get who looks at you adoringly… and raise your game until one of those is also “hot enough for you”.

Reason #3: Your 8 Will WANT To Become A 10 In Your Eyes

The other magical thing about “your 8” is that she will start transforming into a 10 before your very eyes the longer you are with her!

For this reason, you are far better off with an 8 that is gazing at you like you are made of stardust than you are with a 10 who is “meh” and has a dozen other options of your calibre. That girl will make zero effort to please you.

Find an 8 and be her 10: When a girl is super into you, she’s keen to do whatever will attract you more to her.

She notices which of her clothes you like best. Which looks of hers meet your highest approval. She starts doing those things more. If you say “I love it when you dress in black”… boom… she starts dressing in black more.

You like BJs? She’ll be much more eager to do it to you!

If you were to say to her “If you shave that pussy it will make me want it even more”? Boom. She will do it that day (yes this has happened to me! 🙂 )

And so on. But only if she is super into you. If she is super into you, she will instinctively start conforming more and more to being your ideal woman. She will adopt your style, your habits, your views – and do what turns you on.

Screw these 10s who are playing to the gallery. Find an 8 who is super into you and has “good bones” – and invest in that. Or perhaps even a lower number if you see she has “potential” (she will be more eager to transform, too!)

She’ll become your 10. This has happened to me numerous times and I can confirm it absolutely!

Just watch out – because once she becomes a 10 in your eyes, and you start staring at her all starry-eyed… things might shift and her interest in you might diminish.

Interestingly also – taking in all of the above, you may now become the only guy who is disdainful of the 10, while all the other guys are worshipping her. At which point… the 10 might start chasing you – at which point you can start “training her”…

Stay firm and correct! 🙂 Still want 10’s? That’s fine – you just have to be an 11! 😉 Read this: 10s Are Out There – Right Now – Just WAITING For You To Come Along And Snap Them Up!

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