Treat Me Like A Princess

Can you treat me like a princess? Here’s a random dating profile thumbnail that prompted a train of thought before I even clicked it. I didn’t even click it!

Let’s unpack this. She’s testing for betas / simps – right off the bat. That’s the most important question in her mind! Front and center! She’s strictly business (or likes to think she is, because that’s what’s fashionable these days, certainly not being a housewife, oh no! And women are herd creatures at the end of the day.) So it goes like this: She is putting out the feelers to see if you lead with your wallet. Lead with your wallet and she will allow you to entertain her. So long as she’s in charge, so long as the wallet stays open, so long as you don’t “pressure her”, and so long as someone richer OR hotter OR both doesn’t come along, at which point she will either ghost or “my mum just came into town unannounced” or some shit.

It’s despicable that any man would disgrace himself enough to pick up what she is putting down here, but presumably lots of them do, because this shit is all over the internet. Notably of course on “simp sites” like the dating site I pulled this random example from.

If you are mug enough to pay her bills and fund her “lifestyle”, then she’ll let you. All the way up to your limit. But will you get a BJ out of it? Let’s get to the point here! She’s already categorized you. If you are a good looking beta, who has interest from other girls and therefore a risk of straying, then she will give you more and better BJs than the other girls give, to keep you “in the pocket”. If you are already in with girls out of her league, then she will diss you as a player to see if you start acting nice. Don’t fall for it.

Remember this: Her fantasy is NOT that “some guy” will treat her like a princess, it’s that the hot guy will also treat her like a princess. Note that this is completely illogical, but it raises her self-esteem through the roof. Think about it. Why is the hot guy going to treat her (or anyone) better than he needs to? Why would he run around after her when hotter girls would fuck him without him having to. This is the part you need to understand. Being hot takes focused time management and self discipline towards YOUR goals, not hers! The fantasy is that we get all the endorphins and signals from nature that we are special and chosen, without having to do the work.

If you are really hot / desirable / non-betafied, then she will make herself available to you without any “hoops to jump through” and without you actually treating her like a princess at all. This will be entirely instinctive. She will pop up and be amenable to situations / steer you towards situations where it’s “just the two of you”, without any necessity of some expensive venue where she can pose for selfies.

Do you really think she gives a damn about expensive surroundings when sex is the #1 thing on her mind? Well, do you? No. You’d be just as happy in the back of a Toyota Corolla, what matters is how hot she is.

And it’s the same for her. This shit isn’t really that hard to figure out in the end. Never lead with your wallet, because if she isn’t already impressed before the wallet came open, she isn’t suddenly going to get moist for you when it does.

Borderline cases: If you are hanging out and things “seem positive but you are not sure whether or not to make a move”, generally speaking, you can go in for the kiss.

Not too suddenly! Somewhat slow is fine. If you get within 3 inches, look at her lips and it’s obvious what happens next, you will get a reaction without actually doing anything you could be in trouble for, which will give you all the intel you need. If you are face to face and get “the triangle” look – one eye, then the other eye, then your lips, then a smile, it’s game on.

The great thing about this is that going in for the kiss is “safe”, generally speaking. Any sort of grab or erotic touch with the hands first is not safe and could get you in a lot of trouble. And you don’t even need to do it, so don’t be an idiot! Learn which are the “socially acceptable” places for physical contact – hands, shoulder, upper back, hair and hugs are probably ‘safest’ and the response will give you a ‘temperature reading’. For even greater “safety” use the back of the hand for a touch.

The worst you will get if you go in for the kiss is a pullback / turn away / excuse.

It’s very obvious. If you get eagerness, then proceed. If you get reluctance / resistance, don’t. If she refuses the kiss, you might as well go home and forget it, because if she doesn’t want to kiss you then she don’t want anything else either!

Want to date me? There are criteria! If all you are getting is the ‘simp roadblock’ type crap, with “requirements” and various criteria of any kind in order to get to first base… she doesn’t see you as hot. Face it, you probably are not hot. Your #1 goal in life is therefore to GET HOTTER. It’s far better to put yourself on the pedestal in life, not girls. Become the God. Not in a delusional way. But in the way of the man who diligently crafts himself into someone he is proud to be. Then you get girls as a by-product of that success. That is the way!

Put your credit card back in your pocket. You earned that money for YOU. It’s yours. Now get off the internet and your ass down the gym!

I haven’t even looked at her profile. How the heck did I glean all this info just from a selfie and a headline? Years of situations with women and years of studying male-female dynamics. You need to get this good at reading situations and people, so that you don’t get burnt. You will get there.

ps. note that even on simp websites, you can still pull. She will make exceptions for the hot guy and treat him like a hot guy, no matter what platform he pops up on. He always gets pole position.

If You See Something Like This In A Dating Profile… Run…

I see crap like this so often it’s deeply troubling – in the sense that it makes me think that humanity is an absolute trainwreck.

Can you see what’s wrong with this scenario? Everything. More red flags than a military parade in Tiananmen Square.

Read the profile, fellas. Don’t just look at her tits. Learn about this person – because some situations are not worth it and not fun.

She is in a very toxic relationship (MASSIVE red flag). So right off the bat this lady has very obvious BAGGAGE and drama and is hoping to be rescued (or perhaps to just have something dishonest on the side).

The thing she seems not to notice is this.. what on earth kind of “Real Man” is going to want to be a part of this scenario??? Does she seriously think she is dateable with this kind of train wreck happening?? Does she think that out there is some amazing guy who is going to fully accept her story that none of it is her fault and that she is just a perfect angel with a broken wing.

She also has 2 kids (perhaps with allegedly toxic person, perhaps not.) Is she lining this “real man” (another red flag when they say that) up to be a provider for someone else’s kids? Or are the kids going to have a toxic dad and a dishonest mum who is fucking someone else on the side..?

She wants to start something new with a good guy… but she is not single. You think her partner knows she is cheating? Obviously not. So she is “looking for that genuine connection” while being quite openly dishonest – and doesn’t seem to even notice that this is a problem. Oh I get it. That’s allowed – “because he’s toxic”.

She says that if you treat her well she will treat you better but is oblivious to how poorly she is already treating whoever the fuck has the misfortune to stumble upon this profile. That’s not a good sign of what’s to come.

This amazing guy that she is picturing – he has options. Why the FUCK would he choose this? Even if we give her the benefit of the doubt and accept her story that her partner is very toxic – an abuser or whatever. This then means that dating her puts the new guy at risk of an encounter with said person. Yes it does.

Toxic person. Sounds like he could be controlling, violent, who knows? Who knows when he will steal her phone, find out she is cheating and drive round to your place at 3am.

Does that sound like fun to you?

When you make a connection with someone, you also make a connection to their circle. This is important to understand. Whoever they are dealing with, whichever toxic person they have not cut ties with, becomes part of the overall scenario. This is why it’s called baggage.

Run. Just run. IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW CUTE SHE IS. Insta-next!

If you want a successful dating life, get your baggage handled BEFORE you date; rather than seeing someone else as a rescuer. And apply the same to the people you date. If they are looking for a rescuer… this is not a situation that you want to be a part of.

If you are in a toxic scenario, you cut those ties before you date a new person! You don’t bring that toxic energy along for the ride and just expect the new person to deal with it “because you are worth it”. Fuck no! Counselling, if needed. Cut toxic ties. Get happy in your single life. Then attract a new partner.

ps. Anyone with English as their first language who writes “a women” in a dating profile is semi-literate – another reason to give them a wide berth.

How To Recognize IOIs (Indicators Of Interest) From Women + List Of IOIs

How To Recognize IOIs (Indicators Of Interest) From Women: This is something of a follow-up to my last post The 3 Second Rule – which is about seizing the moment. In order to take effective action, you first need to be able to read the situation correctly. In order to seize the moment you must first read the moment!

When it comes to IOIs – Indicators Of Interest – most men are clueless. They literally cannot tell when a woman is into them. I certainly was utterly clueless about this, when I was younger. I mean, ridiculously so. Then I studied game and it all started making sense. It also makes things fun as hell when you get this. This is one of the most valuable topics in the game you could study so pay attention! Learning whether or not a woman is interested in you is valuable and even important. Women will not often tell you directly but I can promise you that they all wish men would “just get it”.

It’s very interesting how this works and once you do get it… it is life changing.

The thing that most men don’t realize, really, is this: Men and women have a different “subconscious language”. They don’t find it perfectly easy to read each other’s “subcommunications” – especially men. Women in general are much more attuned to subcommunications – the non-verbal part of the conversation – than men.

Why this is, is not perfectly well understood – but I have my theories on it that do make sense. Going back to our ancient primal days, men (especially alpha men) communicate more directly. This is quite simply because they have less to be afraid of. There are less consequences to letting their feelings be known – because even if someone doesn’t approve of those feelings – who is gonna do anything about it? The alpha male is generally less afraid thus communicates directly. Now in old times, women, being physically smaller generally speaking, evolved with a greater need for safety. They thus learned to communicate with each other in more subtle ways. They also needed greater peripheral awareness. Like a songbird in the garden is always on the lookout for predators and will take flight at the slightest disturbance. It’s hardwired.

Anyway – whether or not any of that is correct, women do appear to have a much greater peripheral awareness and nuance when it comes to interactions.

You can learn all this stuff and as a man, it is very much in your interests to do so. Women won’t typically teach you it directly.

If a woman is attracted to a man, she will – contrary to popular belief – very often in fact make some kind of a move first. This doesn’t mean that she will (unless she is bold) open you directly by coming and saying “Hello handsome”. Probably not. However she will do various things – consciously or unconsciously – to signal attraction and catch your attention.

The other thing to bear in mind is that it is generally good to “mirror interest”. In other words, don’t reward lack of interest with continued interest, and don’t reward interest with lack of interest (except in a very specific way of ‘breaking rapport’ – but that is not today’s topic). This is pretty important and one of women’s most common complaints is continued interest from men they have expressed clearly their disinterest in. Don’t do that!

List Of IOIs:

Proximity: You might find her standing near you “for no apparent reason” – pretending not to have seen you but hoping you will notice her. She may also “arrange for your paths to cross”. If you are on the dance floor, you might find her nearby, acting as though she would like to be noticed. This last one can sometimes be tricky to decipher as it might be someone else who is the target, not you. But you can generally somehow tell. And if you start a conversation it will rapidly become obvious. She will either happily give you her undivided attention or she will appear not to want to commit all of her focus to you. Recognize these signs.

Preening: The moment you appear, she suddenly becomes concerned with her appearance? Good sign. The most typical way this happens is through fussing over the hair. They will give it a quick 3-second makeover. The more the makeover, the better the sign. Twirling the hair or fussing over it while talking to you – great sign also.

Eyebrow flash: Both men and women do this and almost all do not notice they are doing it. They raise their eyebrows briefly upon eye contact.

Eye contact: Now people make eye contact during conversation as a habit. But there are certain types of eye contact that are a giveaway: Eye contact, then looking down? She likes you, possibly quite a lot. Eye contact, then down, then back to eye contact, then smile. She really likes you. Eye contact then breaks off sideways instead of down – she is NOT interested or she disapproves of what you just did. Try doing this deliberately and see the effect. Amazing isn’t it! But the most classic sign to look for is a certain “gaze” that females do when they are smitten. It’s unmistakeable when you recognize it. It’s a sort of starry-eyed, wide eyed look of adoration.

“Casing you up” when you aren’t looking: Women are super-fast ninjas at this and most men do not even realize when women are checking them out. She will scope you out within 0.2 seconds and you probably won’t catch her doing it. Start using your peripheral vision and clocking whether she is checking you out. The more times she glances at you – the better the sign. You can sometimes use a window as a mirror to catch them looking. If you have crappy eyesight – you are going to have a much harder time here too. Have a female friend (a trusted one, not a cockblocker) roll with you and ask her to tell you when women are checking you / into you. Because women will notice this stuff way faster than men. She can help train you and it’s a fun game. Note however that when you are with a woman, other women will check you out more in general. So this exercise can skew the amount of interest you get; but it can help you learn to detect when it’s there.

Undivided attention / Quick responses: If she texts, and you forget to text back, and then two days later you text back and she answers in 5 seconds. Very good sign. If she is willing to drop everything and roll with you – very very good sign. If she makes excuses, seems unresponsive etc – don’t make too many assumptions but almost certainly it’s not a great sign.

Dressing Up For You: If she makes a big effort to look good for you, it’s a very good sign. The more effort she makes, the stronger her interest. There was one girl, one time who literally locked herself in my bathroom “the morning after” for over an hour doing her makeup before she would allow me to see her face. She was fine AF even without the makeup but she wanted to be like bam! Massive IOI! Contrast with the girl who is gone before you wake up… or the one who knew you were coming by and opens the door looking like she doesn’t even care…

Alone with you: She was with her friends, then you came along, and you two started chatting it up. The next thing you know, all her friends left you to it? Very good sign. Either she indicated to them to push off when you weren’t looking, or they already knew she was into you and that it was time to leave you to it. Girls will generally watch each other’s back and will not leave their girls alone to “fend for herself” with a man that she is not into! In general, if she arranges or steers things towards some kind of situation where she is alone with you? Very good sign. She might well try to make it look like it was accidental and “just happened” – yeah right! On the other hand, if she seems uncomfortable with the idea of being alone with you / makes effort to avoid it? That’s a sign of disinterest. If her friend comes along out of nowhere and says “We have to go to the bathroom now, bye!” – you are done. She secretly gave the “rescue me” signal to her friend, who dutifully obliged. It’s just part of the pact that women everywhere have with each other. Move on and let it go, it’s over.

Closed or open posture? Arms folded, looking around the room, not smiling – not a good sign. Don’t reward that. Physically open, facing you, sticking her chest out at you – it’s looking good.

Touching you: Very good sign. If she touches you for any reason other than strictly necessary – good sign. If you are facing the other way and you feel her touch you to get your attention – good sign. The more sensual those touches, the better! If when talking she comes in real close, brushing her body against you – great sign. Again, she might or might not make some effort to make it appear ‘accidental’. It’s fun to ask yourself if it was an accident. It probably wasn’t.

Compliance: If you hold out your hand casually as if to say “take my hand” and she eagerly takes it – good sign. If she gives your hand a “knowing squeeze”, even better. If she just sits there with a dumb look on her face, looking at your hand like “what TF is that doing there?” – not so great. If you “lead” her in some way and she eagerly follows – good sign. If there is resistance – don’t keep pushing, back off.

Excitement: If she seems excited, smiley, happy, eyes sparkling when you start giving her attention – great sign.

Girly Voice: If her voice goes up to a higher pitch and becomes more of a sensual, feminine ‘bedroom voice’ – I’d say it’s probably on! Take note of the different voice tones people will use when they address their sweetheart to the tone they use for ordinary social or business occasions. Which of those voices is she using with you?

I am sure I will think of more and will add them later but this is a great start. Look back into your recent past and see if you can remember situations where you suddenly realize “Damn, she was into me and I just didn’t see it!” Now you can start recognizing the signs and taking the right action. πŸ™‚

The 3 Second Rule

Life Is Truly Short. And now is the time. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not next year.

How do I know this?

Because of what just happened – and because I’m an old fuck, who is looking back upon days of glory that happened 10, 20, 30 years ago. Days that are gone forever. Lost moments, frozen in time; that now only exist in some dusty corner of that magical library we call memory.

And when I am gone…. it will all be gone too.

So live that life you want to live while you have the chance. Make it happen. This is real talk, not just a proverb. It will haunt you if you don’t!

Like I keep saying throughout this blog, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. We all do it. Even after 30+ years in the game, I still do it sometimes.

Like fucking today. I’ll be damned if I didn’t do it today. This just happened…

When you are getting older, it’s more common that you will be feeling like garbage. No excuses – but it gets harder. Had insomnia last night til 9am because of back pain. So to say that I was feeling rough today would be a bit of an understatement. Wasn’t even planning on setting foot outside my door.

Pulling was literally the last thing on my mind. I had subconsciously written it off even as a possibility (bad idea!)

Needed some plywood sheets for a cabinet I am making. Decided to just roll down to the local hardware store – 5 mins drive – and grab them.

Didn’t even occur to me AT ALL to be prepared for the game, physically or mentally. Just feeling too garbage and preoccupied with my day to even consider it. And tbh just not even giving a fuck. Or at least, thinking that I didn’t give a fuck. (I was wrong about that; who was I kidding?)

I have this badass jacket and always wear cool boots, so I slung my jacket on and off I went. Whatever. Didn’t even look in the mirror.

Got my plywood. Came out of the store.

And then fuck me. Walking across the parking lot right in front of me was the most unbelievably gorgeous 19-20yo raven haired beauty I have literally EVER seen in this part of the world.

A perfect 10. A real one. I kid you not. As fine as fine can be. Just wandering past the hardware store in a boring town on a boring day.

She even gave her hair a shake and a quick preen as she crossed my field of view, not even 5 yards away from me. What?? Signs of attraction?? Me??

Nobody else in this parking lot right now bro!

But.. but… I’m old, tired and unshaven and…

I was so down on myself and my demoralized insomniac state, that I just let her walk on by – without even so much as a “What’s up, raven sista?”

That’s all it would have taken. I even had my catch card with me. And to my eternal shame…. I just let her walk right on by… and out of my life, probably forever. Got in my car and drove away. I think she was even watching me drive off.

Too late. Game over.

You probably do this every day. Yes you do. Most men in fact, probably do this every day. Ever think to yourself that you don’t get laid enough? That means you are doing this. Admit it. I just did.

You never know when you are going to run into the girl of your dreams. It could happen any time and anywhere, literally.

Of course, living out in bumfuck the chances are she probably won’t be just wandering by. But every so often… she will be. And you have to be prepared to catch at any time. ANY time. Because this is how it goes!

And sometimes, you’ve only got 3 seconds to make your move…

Life is full of windows of opportunity. They open – sometimes so very briefly – and those who are prepared – mentally and physically – will seize the moment. Those who aren’t, lose.

No excuses are allowed – because life truly doesn’t give a shit. Taking action – right now – is the only thing that matters in this world – because winning is everything.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” This applies not just to beautiful women who pop up out of nowhere, but to everything else in life. Quite often, there are opportunities that only come around once and then the moment is lost, never to return! Sometimes you have to show ’em what you got, at the drop of a dime. Could you do that? Could you? Right now?

Now of course you might not be feeling “on”, but champions don’t feel on 100% of the time. They have their good days and their bad days but they still show up and are still champion despite the bad days.

You would do so much better at 50% of your peak form than 0% because you didn’t even bother to take a shot… because you told yourself you were not “on” today or whatever other excuse you made.

So to wrap this up: In the game we used to apply a thing called the 3 Second Rule. It was Mystery and Matador, I believe, who developed it. Mad props to those guys! The concept is this: Between the moment you spot a woman you are attracted to, and the moment you go for it, you have 3 seconds, maximum. That’s all you are allowed. 3-2-1 go! If you dither and hesitate, not only do you often miss the window of opportunity, but your lack of confidence also comes across as weak and purposeless, which is unattractive. A man of purpose knows what he wants, believes he deserves to get it and has no qualms about doing something about it.

ALSO – the longer you leave it, the more the “hamster wheel” starts turning – of excuses, concerns, fears, “what ifs” and whatever other mental / emotional baggage your subconscious can throw in the path to derail you and sabotage you.

Instead of clicking right into gear today, I literally talked myself out of it because my “frame” was completely bent out of shape. It was only when I was half a mile down the road that I realized what I should have done. And what I am! Goddamn it, I’m not some piece of shit! I just had a sleepless night! I have lived a life of badass adventures worldwide and am wearing the coolest jacket she’s probably ever seen in this part of the world! No surprise she was attracted to me, really. I do have what she wants, after all.. I really do. πŸ˜‰

But retrospect is a b*tch. You gotta get your frame straight BEFORE you head out the door. It takes 5 seconds! You are worth it! Look in the mirror and tell yourself that.

And she’s probably bored, horny and longing for someone to come along and show her a great time…

The 3 second rule WORKS. It’s absolutely the right mindset to be in. When you get to the point where you can “click in” in 3 seconds and start gaming, no matter whether you slept or what… you are officially in the major league. Just this fix I promise you will change your life!

Another fuckup is assuming that you are unattractive and being so convinced of that, that you fail to notice and act upon signs of interest by someone else.

I mean, whose standards matter in that moment? Yours or hers? If she is stunning and wants to fuck you, do you really want to talk her (or yourself) out of it because you don’t feel at your best? Really? πŸ™‚

Attraction is natural. It’s normal! Nature took care of that part for you bro. So if she is into you and all the signs are there, does it really matter whether you feel like she “ought to be”? Hell no! Recognize the signs, reward IOIs with IOIs and make your move, my man. 3-2-1 go!

Anyway there you go. Game lesson of the day. Let my loss be your gain. If this reaches ONE person and causes something amazing to happen, my work is done.

My Friend With The 1000+ Lay Count – Detailed Analysis Of His Game – How To Get 1000 Lays

I have a friend who claims a 1000+ lay count – and while I know it “sounds like bullshit”… I actually totally believe him. I hung out with this friend on a regular basis over the course of about 15 years and I watched his game consistently throughout that time. We were good pals and had a lot of adventures together.

He’s an old fuck now in his 60’s and considers himself “retired from the game”. But this friend, despite being to all intents and purposes a “regular dude”, was bedding women left, right and center – and racked up the kind of score that most people think is only achieved by rock stars, elite athletes, nightclub owners and royalty of bygone eras.. He claimed over 100 lays in one year in his younger days – and I believe that too! He had no reason whatsoever to lie, is not trying to impress anyone and in fact kept this information concealed from almost everybody – as it might have damaged his social reputation significantly to have this info out there. Only a very few people (I am guessing about 3 in total) knew the actual truth – and I happened to be one of them.

So you are probably assuming he was ridiculously good looking, or wealthy, or whatever it is that most people think you would need to be and do in order to be incredibly successful with women…

And you would be absolutely dead wrong!

What’s interesting about this dude is that he was NOT spectacularly good looking, or in any way affluent. He also did not dress up super sharp. He was not super intelligent. He was not famous, or an elite athlete, or at the top of his field in anything, really. He was not super tall. He was not super ripped. He wasn’t super anything!

He also never studied pickup under some super-guru. I don’t think he ever spent a dollar on a “dating product”….


I know, right?! How the hell can all of the above be true? It flies in the face of everything you ever read or heard about “men who get laid like rockstars”! People all over the internet are telling you (as if they fucking know!) that in the 21st century you need to be an “alpha chad” sports champion, movie star, famous singer or male model, otherwise your genes are basically confined to the dustbin of history. Well…. they are all wrong, friends.

So I had much time to analyze the game of my friend and break down what he was doing, because over the years we probably went to upwards of 200 parties, shows or events together (I’ve lost count to be honest) and hung out on many other occasions too. My friend pretty much had a consistent “pulling method”. Nothing particularly elaborate or advanced. Here are the fundamentals of what he did.

1) He stayed in shape. Not in any sort of “oh wow look at him” sort of way. But he looked after himself. He went to the gym on a regular basis (2 to 3x per week I think), went running weekly and generally took great care of his health, eating healthy organic food and so on. This was absolutely consistent throughout the years I knew him. He was fit. He stayed looking younger than his real age throughout the time I knew him. He had also studied dance at college and although he didn’t really show off on the dance floor very often, he did have a bit of that ‘dancer physique’. I think this was an asset. But he didn’t have a spectacular “model face”, or ripped abs or biceps or anything that isn’t within reach of the majority of us. At a guess I would say his height was 5’10”. He also had a very average size dick. Nothing special. Overall he was more concerned with health and fitness than with looks in the abstract sense.

2) He didn’t dress super stylish or wear expensive designer threads but did choose clothes that were fitted – tighter fit, nothing baggy and had a decent “cut” that gives a bit of a lift to the physique. Nothing really fancy though. No tattoos or ostentatious jewelry. No expensive haircut. No sports car. No social media following.

3) He APPROACHED like crazy. He approached women at EVERY opportunity. And I mean every opportunity. He CREATED opportunity out of thin air. Seriously. We would be driving along and if he spotted a woman he was attracted to on the opposite sidewalk, he would literally loop around, park the truck, get out and go and approach. If he saw a beautiful woman, he instantly went for it. No hesitation. He would go up to them and just say hi and be really friendly, in a very upbeat positive good mood, chat for 1 minute, ask a few questions and then GIVE THEM HIS CARD and tell them to get in touch if they wanted to go for a drink. (This phraseology was, I believe quite important. “Go for a drink” conveys that he had amorous intentions, without being sleazy about it.) And then he would move on, never lingering too long.

He never asked them for their number, he gave his card. This, too, I see as important. Giving a card means someone can take it without awkwardness.. and then just not call if they are not interested – whereas asking for a number puts pressure on the person because if they are not into you, they know they are going to have to deal with you at some point. Giving a card makes the lady feel safer.

He was always polite, friendly, smiling and sort of lightly flirtatious. Nothing heavy. But he did this very consistently, for years. He would approach in the supermarket, on the sidewalk, in cafes… anywhere and everywhere.

So it was literally meat-and-potatoes “numbers game”. He would do several approaches per day, every single day of every single year. And when we were going to big events and stuff, it might be at least 20 in an evening. At “all dayer” events and festivals it would be non stop for the whole day / weekend / whatever. So in total he was making literally thousands of approaches per year for 40 years. We went out a lot. If we were at a party he would introduce himself to all the women and chat and flirt. I watched him “do the rounds”. And then later, sure enough, I would go out back and there he would be with some woman, fooling around in the back of his car. Out in public he would do a quick intro and give his card, but at events, if there was chemistry he would start to move it forward there and then, and might offer a hand massage or something similar, which would escalate things if there was something there to escalate. And if not… next…

I watched him do super bold, ballsy approaches on occasions. Example – woman sitting with 3 men at a 4 seat table in a busy cafe. Lunchtime. Who would even bother?? My friend would, that’s who. He said “watch this”, went up to the table and literally said to her, “I am sure I recognize you” or some BS. She said “no, I don’t think so”. He said “ok, well if you suddenly remember, here is my card, give me a call some time.” And then walked off! Job done!!! Now there is a 99% chance she just tossed the card but if you do this type of stuff 1000 times, there are going to be some women who call you up because they were attracted to you. And women do tend to like a man who goes for what he wants. You can see that in this situation he turned a 0% chance into a 1% chance. Do this enough times and you will have created all kinds of opportunities from situations that most people pass by!

4) He did not have super smooth talk. In fact a lot of his talk I thought was a bit cringe. He didn’t have incredible “pickup chat”. It was all a bit ham. It didn’t matter!

5) He was fearless. He had ZERO fear of approaching and ZERO fear of getting rejected / told to get lost. He assumed that 80%+ wouldn’t be interested and he was UTTERLY unfazed. It was water off a duck’s back and it just rolled off him if a woman showed disinterest. He never took it in the least bit personally, he just moved right on to the next woman! This I believe is a real key honestly. Most people talk themselves out of putting their bid in and subconsciously self-sabotage through fear of rejection. But you gotta play in order to win!

He very rarely got ‘hard rejected’ when approaching because he wasn’t a massive dick about it. He kept it fun and light and if the vibe wasn’t good he would quickly cut his losses and eject. Overall he was just friendly and flirty, chatted up a LOT of women and moved every situation forward if it was possible to do so. I also never heard of some other jealous dude throwing a punch at him. People in general tend to assume that approaching is way more risky than it really is.

6) He was not trying to be James Bond. He didn’t care about having gravitas, or being super slick, or trying to impress the fuck out of anyone – male or female. He didn’t have some giant ego or have the need to always appear cool as ice. He often made a bit of a fool of himself; didn’t give a flying fuck. There’s more than one way to the top of this mountain. To emphasize the point that he was never boastful about his “achievement” – I knew him for well over 15 years before he even mentioned “the numbers”. I knew he was always “on the pull” but I literally had no idea of his scores before that. He absolutely NEVER carried around an attitude of “Look at me, I bang more women than you”. If anything, he was a stealth operator. Flew under the radar and kept his private life private – for wise reasons.

7) He was NEVER pushy if there was resistance or a negative reaction. If he got negative signals he would just instantly fall back and move on. Total abundance mindset and he knew there were tons more women, so if one wasn’t picking up what he was putting down, another one would, so he didn’t waste any time. And he NEVER got “one-itis” – that fixation on one woman that so many men get.

8) He wasn’t as picky as the rest of us. I was always SUPER picky and wanted only the 9’s and 10’s. As a result I didn’t score anything like as many wins as my friend. He was happy with everything that was a 5+ and we teased the fuck out of him for this. It didn’t bother him in the slightest. But sometimes he did get 9’s and 10’s too.

9) He seemed to be always horny. He was totally preoccupied with bedding women and with the “beautiful strange”. It was a compulsion. He clearly had a high sex drive. But he didn’t just stay home watching porn. He also never seemed to feel sorry for himself. He took action and enjoyed the fuck out of his life. You might not want to be like him and in truth I think he had issues with holding down a relationship. But there is certainly a lot that can be learned from his game.

There you go. That is literally about everything I can think of. In summary – the simple and plain difference between what my friend did and what most men don’t do is simply that he had the balls to go for it. If he was attracted, he always approached. I never, EVER saw him get “approach freeze”. He always carried a fun vibe around with him. And he consistently took action. Every. Single. Time. And most men don’t. They don’t take action. They don’t have the balls to go for it. And so they literally watch beautiful women walk past… and out of their life forever… every day.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take….

Example Of A Dude With Incredible Game



♬ nhαΊ‘c nền – βœ¨π“’π“ͺ𝓢𝓒π“ͺ𝓷𝓭𝔂πŸ₯€ – π™ˆπ™šπ™žπŸ§–

Random click on Tiktok and found a dude with ridiculous levels of game. Literally one of the strongest I have seen for quite a while. I picked one of his videos to do a “game breakdown” for you and give you a very detailed rundown of what is going on.

Let’s dig in. In this video he does a “20 second seduction” and makes a girl horny for him at warp speed. It’s fun, clever, super fast paced – and absolute textbook seductive game. There is SO much you can learn from this guy. It’s not often you get to see a Master Player in action, so take notes! πŸ™‚

He pretty much has it all down, honestly. I can’t find much to fault and you can imagine from the reactions of these girls (they are gazing at him adoringly in all his videos) that he is getting a superabundance of whatever he wants.

Now the detractors are immediately going to say “he’s amazingly good looking” and while that is true, that is by no means the only thing he has got going on. He is running MASSIVE amounts of pure game. Let’s break it down.

Looks wise – he has natural good looks for sure, but he sure knows how to make the absolute best of himself. He clearly works out and has cut abs. He has cool tattoos. His hair is on point and very well cared for. I had a skim through the channel; he is perfectly groomed and exceptionally well dressed in all his videos. From the black leather jacket – a classic “hot guy” look that never goes out of style – to the white tailored shirts and suits – everything is faultlessly put together. Most of the videos seem to be of him styling himself up in the mirror. Looking good is not just something that he was born with, it is something that he gives massive attention and focus to. It’s his art and evidently occupies much of his time and focus. It’s all in the preparation…

He is also peacocking – unafraid to draw attention to himself with plentiful jewelry and multiple “show pieces” that communicate huge confidence and status. Peacocking takes some balls because you have to rise above the typical fear of being singled out that most people have, and be unafraid to be noticed and to claim a magnified visual identity for yourself. You have absolutely every right to do this but most people are simply too timid, seeking instead to blend in and avoid the flak! Peacocking is a big part of the reason women go for rock stars and dandies. Being unafraid of the other males communicates alpha status.

However it’s not just the looks. There are a LOT of other things he is doing:

1) Projecting pure amorous intensity. He knows just how to pull the girls in for the “screen kiss” moments. Much of this intensity is projected through the “laser eye contact” and body language.

2) He leads. In the video shown, watch how he communicates non-verbally to the girl what he wants her to do. The “set is hooked” (she’s very obviously massively into him) and so she complies willingly with whatever he wants her to do. Note how she is always in a state of uncertainty as to what is going to happen next, and he leads her through a roller coaster ride of emotions – this is perfect game. He has great execution of all his “moves” and knows just when to amp up the sexual tension with sudden “gear changes” of pace.

3) Posture. He “carries himself” very well, with a physical posture that demonstrates confidence and swagger. Shoulders back. Head up.

4) Dominance. At every stage he controls what she does, in that certain way that she loves. There are numerous displays of dominance in this video – can you spot them? Game recognize game!

5) Push-pull. He is an absolute MASTER of push-pull. Most of the videos on this account are in fact centered completely on push-pull as a theme – and they are a clever series of mimes where the characters tease each other massively; building romantic anticipation before deliberately breaking rapport and leaving the other person wanting more. It’s quite amazing in fact that they are continuously creating new and inventive ideas around this theme.

6) It’s all FUN. Everything the dude does keeps it focused on fun, sensuality, charm, flirtation and sexual energy. There is nothing outside of that. Nothing else exists! This is very deliberate – it is the conjuror’s art.. the place where magic becomes real. The whole thing takes place in a sort of fairytale world where everything is “light” in the sense of being exciting and “good vibes”.

7) He leaves her wanting more. Our player builds her up to a volcano-like moment of passion and then drops her like a stone RIGHT before their lips touch! He deliberately does a massive take-away. Then turns back to her, building her hopes again… but instead of the eagerly anticipated kiss, pushes the candy cane into her mouth (more “sexual compliance training”!) At the end of the scene, he ejects without needing anything at all from her and without giving a damn that he left her unfulfilled. All of the above only serves to make her long for him even more. Look how disappointed she is when he doesn’t actually kiss her! She’s truly uncertain as to whether she is actually going to get him (remember, women LOVE this). It’s a key element in seduction. If she feels as though she’s “got you”, all the heat dissipates. This is a huge part of why most men fail. They literally hand themselves over on a plate. Women HATE it; they want the man that they can surrender to more deeply, not who will surrender to her – and men just don’t get it!

8) Note the clever use of props. The hairband. The candy cane pushed into her mouth (this is a very dominant sexual move) with a symbolic unspoken statement of “I’m the one who hands out the sugar”. Nothing is accidental. The scene is choreographed to give the appearance that the dude has everything planned out like a chess game, whereas the lady has absolutely no idea. The male part is certainly worked out in detail but we don’t actually know whether she knew what was about to happen. Either way, it is masterful mime theater. Very very cleverly done.

9) Note the phenomenal kino escalation. He knows how to seduce like crazy! It’s a good thing the video is on loop because it moves fast and you need to watch it several times to get all the details. One of my fav moves is where he gets her to put her hands above her head and then when he has her “pinned” (this is in fact a technique called mental bondage – she is not in fact pinned by anything other than the fact that he instructed her to do it and then left her there) he does not proceed right to tying her hands with the hairband but pauses unbuttons his shirt deliberately and provocatively, stripping for her momentarily in a theatrical, sexual way while maintaining laser eye contact. THEN reaches up and dominantly takes her hair band with a sweeping move, as though he has every right to. She fucking loves it. Guaranteed wet for him inside 30 seconds. Mental bondage is a fascinating seduction technique in its own right. The fact that someone can be “bound” by a command creates a kind of reinforcement of compliance. It’s almost like a magic spell…

10) Rapid fire. His sequence of seductive moves happens at super-fast pace. Like a series of ninja moves, choreographed dance or a complex sequence of punches thrown by a pro fighter. So much happens in so little time that if you did not know what you were looking at, you could be forgiven for not even noticing! The pace, timing and expertise is masterful and all part of the game. It happens so quick it leaves her breathlessly excited for more.

11) Social proof. You seldom see him on his own. In most of his videos he has attractive women with him. This communicates to the other women that he has an abundance of women in his life – which signals that he is highly desired and makes them desire him even more. Players exploit this on purpose and will for example roll into the club with several women. The nightclub player might not be sleeping with any of them – but can you see how much more desirable this guy immediately becomes than the typical “group of lads” who roll in together?

12) It’s “written in the language of women”. The whole thing demonstrates massive expertise in what women respond to. You could argue that the videos are all written in “chick language”. It’s the language of romance novels. It’s loaded with sensuality and with the stuff that women adore.

13) Open loops. The moment portrayed in this video is not an isolated event but is part of a greater storyline. Like a romance novel, the girl is left eager for the next chapter. This is another seduction technique – storytelling. “Open loops” are unanswered questions in the mind; these are deliberately placed there in order to create intrigue and make her want more.

14) He gets away with being a total cad, dandy and player – and in fact they love him for it. NOTE that there are a LOT of things that these girls in his videos don’t mind at all… things that men are often taught not to be and not to do:

β€’ They don’t mind at all that he spends hours preening in front of the mirror and is evidently in love with himself. He’s an absolute attention whore. “Your attention” is even the by-line of this channel! I’ve known other men like this too. One guy I knew was a hip hop vocalist and the girls used to joke that he brought more lotions and potions on the road and spend more time in front of the mirror than they did! Then later they would bang him… the dude was pretty short too – but he bedded many fine women.

β€’ They don’t mind at all that he has all kinds of other girls and that they can’t have him all to themselves (they are happy just to get a piece of him!) If you were to look at this objectively, you would conclude that he is an absolute dog. Does that bother these ladies in the slightest? Doesn’t seem to! Seems to just make them want him all the more! No doubt a million others would volunteer to take their place. It’s off the charts. The dude literally spends his life gaming and has made a career out of it.

β€’ They don’t mind that things happen super-fast. They can go from just standing around to full on passionate moment in 1 second. Once again the “standard rules” of waiting til the third date go completely out of the window for “the hot guy”. And she will say afterwards “it just happened”.

β€’ She doesn’t mind at all that HE does things “without asking permission”. She absolutely loves it. This is crucial to get right though. Just because you saw him do it, you can’t and absolutely mustn’t just go up to some random girl and try this if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. I hope this makes sense. It seems paradoxical because on the surface he seems to break all the rules. But if you look carefully, you can see that at no point does he do anything that would make her uncomfortable – and he knows exactly what he is doing. At every step of the way she signals compliance, comfort and a positive reaction to everything he is doing. Can you spot all those signals? A good seducer is an expert at reading non-verbal cues and pays great attention to them. If there is discomfort or resistance, he would back off. Everything is designed to raise her enjoyment and excitement of the moment and to show her a good time! If she freezes over, you lose! Note how perfectly calibrated all his moves are. He’s taking her for a magic carpet ride – the kind that only a master seducer can take a woman on, the kind she dreams about but so rarely comes along.

Make no mistake, this fellah, whoever he is, is a Master of the Game. Look at the body language of the girls. The wide eyed adoring looks. The excitement. 3.6M followers on Tiktok and I would be willing to bet he gets THOUSANDS of “please fuck me” type messages….. his inbox must be an absolute train wreck. πŸ™‚ Many women never get to experience the touch of a master seducer and although it’s taboo to admit, they want this more than just about anything. Yes they do! To the uninitiated, what I just wrote would be vehemently disagreed with. But it is solid fact: Years ago, when VH1 ran their series “The Pickup Artist”, the winner of the contest was bombarded by messages from women – not hating on him for being a player… but wanting him to meet up with them and pick them up!! So when you hear women say that they hate players, come back to this video and look at the smile on her face… the adoring eyes… the eagerness… and decide for yourself! πŸ™‚

End of lesson! Compare his seduction style with Sean Connery as James Bond – and if you like these detailed “game breakdowns” of videos let me know, I enjoy doing them!

Women Love Simps (Just Not For Sex)

Can you spot what is wrong with this picture?

(copied for study purposes only “fair use”)


Profile was of a very good looking 19yo woman. Very hot. I would say for certain 9+ in looks. Amazing body. Banging thigh gap. Not a “10 hot” but not far off! She definitely had the goods alright.

You would. I would. We all would.

And she knows it.

Now if you fall for this load of BS that she has served up right here, and you start chasing her, then it completely serves you right if you get what is coming to you, which is a rinsing of the wallet and no sex whatsoever, except with your own hand of course. Let’s unpack this in detail.

1) She is very well socialized. She goes skiing and parties a lot. She’s been hit on probably 1,000+ times and her inbox probably has hundreds of messages in it (from thirsty fools).

2) Her sense of self-worth (and entitlement) are through the roof and this is continually validated by the large amount of admirers / orbiters that she undoubtedly has.

3) Ski resorts are upscale. There are plenty of affluent men there and she is used to being around men who “lead with their money” aka. “tricking off their paper”.

4) She has 0.0000000000 sexual interest in these men. ZERO. That line “there is nothing sexier than a generous man who knows how to treat a girl” is total BAIT designed to set you up. Its a trap for the clueless. She has already put the disclaimer in the next para. “Online interactions only.” In other words… she is never (and I really mean never) going to f*** you… she is never even going to meet up with “daddy”… and has set up a complete firewall. Her frame is that if you want her (screen) time and attention, she will provide a ration (the bare minimum)… if you pay… and you better pay good because “she’s worth it”. And she can end it, permanently, with one click… any time she wants. You might get rewarded with an online peep show that is less than what you could get for free somewhere else anyway. If you fall into that frame.. well.. good luck amigo.

5) She is a skilled player even before the age of 20! There are tons of them out there now and social media has created the ultimate on-ramp for this despicable “thotpocalypse” scenario to flourish. What was once frowned upon has now become completely normalized; the world is now a gold-digger’s paradise, the like of which has never been seen before in human history! This young woman has figured out how to get her bills paid and lifestyle financed without barely having to lift a finger – and she is very probably surrounded by other young women who are all schooling each other in the game and competing for points by trying to land the biggest “whale” (cashed-up idiot) they can find. It only serves to increase her sense of self worth, the further these chumps go in their desperate attempts to get with her and how far they are willing to abase themselves in their attempts.

6) That’s not to say she is not horny. Oh believe me, she is horny. Just not for simps. I would highly counsel to NEVER message women like these first. She’s screening for hot guys, believe me. But probably doesn’t look in her DM’s because she knows that isn’t where she is gonna find him! Because the hot guy has better things to do than be messaging the likes of her! If she messages you first, then either a) you already showed off your affluence (more fool you!), in which case she is trying to catch your wallet, or b) you are an extremely good looking stud who has shown total disinterest – and she WANTS. If that is the case, she will be attempting to meet up with you without laying any of the above ground rules, barriers or conditions.

7) That’s right. The kind of man she chases is the one who shows her total indifference. That sets him immediately apart. Why can’t she wrap him round her finger like all the other boys? He has no need of her whatsoever, because he has an abundance in his life. If you had 100 girls of this calibre messaging you, would you really give a shit about her? Not really? Like buses, another would be along in 5 minutes. Hey, don’t blame me for the way nature made us.

8) You can’t fake it. If you have simp tendencies she will flush them out in an instant. She has a radar for all this that is more fine-tuned than you would possibly believe. It’s literally what she was built for. It’s a bit of a stretch to call it a killer instinct, but it is not far from that. It is biologically hardwired into her to go for the hottest, strongest, most in-demand man she can find. And when she’s fucking him, she doesn’t give a DAMN about what is in his wallet. If there was truly “nothing sexier than a man who wanted to bankroll her lifestyle” (‘scuse me while I puke), she would NOT be saying online only. She would be saying “When can we fuck”?

And she DOES say this! Just not to simps, ever. Ever ever ever! (You can game her though. Bear that in mind. You don’t have to be a 6’4″ snowboard champ if you’ve got super solid game.)

Check this one out. She even put simp in her hashtags!! (dying)

(copied for study purposes only “fair use”)

See? She LOVES simps! They pay her bills! But when the hot guy comes along… you can bet your life that it’s as though she is playing by a completely different rule book. And that’s because she is! She will literally treat these men as though they are a completely different species. In her mind, there is absolutely no dichotomy here and it’s an absolute waste of time attempting to point out the double standard. And you categorize women too! Yes you do. She’s either hot or she’s not.

The kind of future life this is ultimately setting her up for is probably not going to be pretty. It’s all bad, in my view. She might think she has it made – but us old dogs know that anything you get without having to work for, comes around to bite you in the ass in the end. Yes it does. Male, female or otherwise; there are no short cuts to a truly high quality life.. Free handouts are toxic; sugar may taste sweet… but it rots your teeth and gives you cancer. Spending her prime years sitting around in her panties is developing her life skills about as much as simping is developing a man’s. We are all being played by big tech, ultimately. This is their game and we all lose…

Never, ever fall into her frame. You are a man. That means you live on your terms and not some “negotiated surrender” with an entitled chick. If she “sets the hoop” and you jump through it… thinking it’s gonna get you somewhere… you are on the slippery slope to simpdom. Any advances you make will be brushed off like a fly.

Solution: Work on yourself until these women start blowing up your inbox. If they don’t? Keep working. Self improvement is THE key to winning this game. Don’t waste a NANOSECOND on anything else. And NEVER CHASE. If she isn’t chasing you, who TF cares? Get on with building your awesome life. Imagine how amazing you would be if you spent every second of that time working out, working on your business and cultivating your look, that you had spent writing to girls who never wrote back, flaked or gave you the runaround… it’s a choice at the end of the day and what you choose to do with your precious time matters more than just about anything in this world.

These girls differentiate and categorize men completely and absolutely. “Alpha fucks, beta bucks.” It’s absolute objectification, which is what social media is training us to do. Acquire, consume, discard. You don’t want to be in the beta category. It’s miserable. But, contrary to popular opinion, where you end up is completely in your hands. You are the one who has to work on your life and make yourself into the kind of person you are truly proud of. Women are a bonus, not your goal.

“True pimp n****s spend no dough on the booty” – Notorious BIG (you see now?)

Is She Ignoring You? Here’s What To Do:


Is she ignoring you? Here’s what to do.


Are you really the best version of yourself that you could possibly be? Are you?

If so, then fantastic. I salute you! If she ignores you, then forget her. She doesn’t get you and that probably means the problem is her. Nothing you can do about it. Forget her and move on. There are a million other girls and you are a man of options… aren’t you?

If NOT….. then get your shit together!

It starts with the basics. Get your money straight, get your health straight, get your self care straight, get your look straight, get your pad straight, get your car fixed, get fit, get out of debt.

Have you honestly done all those things?

As the saying goes, if you want to fuck someone, start by being someone worth fucking.

Fix yourself up, man of God. πŸ˜‰ Put YOURSELF first. Put YOURSELF back on that pedestal. Nothing to do with her.

Stride out of your front door in the morning with a purpose, with a smile and with a new shirt.

Stop chasing after girls on social media. Stop supplicating and acting nice in the hope that she will see what a good guy you are. Stop that! You have more important things to do.

Even more so… Stop giving money and gifts to girls. Especially some girl on the internet you are NOT having an actual real life not-on-the-internet relationship with. Internet “relationships” do not count. Stop it. Your money is for YOU. You buying some chick gifts and new clothes? You better not be! That money is for YOU. Your money you earned with YOUR hard work and YOUR skills. Women want equality… so let them pay their own way just like you pay yours.

Don’t get hung up on some girl. Any girl. It’s not worth it, trust me. Put all your energy into YOU. Your self improvement. Your path. Your career. Your dreams.

Girls are not your dreams. Girls are a BONUS you get from life when you are living your dreams. Soon as you chase the girl instead of your dreams, you stop chasing your dreams and you lose the girl as well as your dreams!!!!

Now get cracking.

Enjoy The Ride

“It’s Just A Ride” – Bill Hicks

The old school pimps used to have a saying to keep their feelings in check and give them perspective when dealing with their girls. “Ho’s come and go, cop and blow”.

Now what does this mean and how is it relevant to you square players? πŸ˜‰

Essentially it means that, a woman is a woman and she could do anything at any time for any reason or for no reason at all. She could literally be gone tomorrow. You might realistically never see her again. This is of course a stone cold fact. And so, you temper your expectations and get on with your life.

You should aim to reach the point where you are absolutely 100% unruffled if a girl you are dating blows you out. Who cares, seriously? If someone cares about you, then care about them. But if they don’t care about you and demonstrate that, why should you continue to care about them? The only thing you lost is someone who doesn’t love you, and that is no loss at all! Like buses, another one will be along in 5 minutes… especially if you are chill and carefree. And besides – you have an amazing life to be getting on with anyway… don’t you…? You damn well should have and if not, you better fix that first! Because it is YOUR life that you should be inviting her along for the ride with. You don’t change and mold your life around her – unless you are crazy – because the more you do that, the more you will smother her and the more she will retreat… until you finally make a lunge to try to keep her…. and she runs away.

You don’t look to a woman to “complete” you. Complete yourself and invite her along for the ride, if she desires it. Don’t put yourself in a compromised position where you are reliant on her for your happiness. Because this, specifically, is what will get you dumped. She will test you, oh she will, to see if you have real strength, to see if you are secure in yourself. It is a funny paradox but true: The less affected you are by her, the more you are “happy anyway”, the less you need her… the more she wants and admires you. She doesn’t want you to be ‘weak for her’. She wants you to be strong so that she can be weak for you.

Live as though she is not central to your life. You already have your center and she is just a bonus. This is sensible. And when it comes to dating, don’t go so far out of your way because of her that you are not living the life you want, that it would be inconvenient if she did not show up. Don’t let them get to you that way. Any chick could blow you out at any time, so even if you are traveling to meet her – have a backup plan; something interesting or constructive to be doing.

Getting overly fixated happens when you are not confident of your ability to do just as well next time around. Or when you start thinking that she is some kind of special bird that you need to try to hang on to.

No she is not and no you fucking do not.

It does not matter if her thighs are made of silk and her bosom perfectly shaped by Aphrodite from the costliest alabaster. It does not matter how well she sucks your cock. There are plenty of other fantastic women out there.

Enjoy the ride.

It does not matter how adoringly she gazes at you (she only does this because of what you are doing for HER… and the moment you stop fulfilling HER ideals she will stop looking at you that way I promise you!)

Enjoy the ride.

She is not “the one”. She is “just a woman”. And there are fucking millions of them. Stop giving a shit, pimp! Cop and blow. Breathe in her feminine scent, enjoy her curves, marvel at this wonderful gift that nature has managed to fashion from stardust, laugh… and let it go. This is fun… remember? Imagine her as an elemental – a force of nature, subject to mysterious flows and currents that flow through her and carry her wherever they will.

All of what she says, applies only to that moment. So when she looks at you adoringly and says “I want you forever”… do NOT take that literally, because that is only how she feels right now. She wants that to be continually reinforced in a sequence of unending present moments. She wants to have that feeling of “I want you forever” tomorrow, but don’t take it literally! It is all about feelings, not logic. She does NOT want to have to adhere to something that she felt yesterday; she wants to feel it all over again today. It was an expression of momentary sentiment, not a contract. The past is gone – especially for her.

Do not even try to analyze her motives. Don’t waste your time on that shit! If you can learn and improve from her blowing you out, do so… but it might not be anything to do with you at all and you are most likely better off not trying to analyze the kitten-basket of her mind. Women do all kinds of things for all kinds of reasons and if you have been paying attention, you will quickly note that – just as with men – not all of those reasons are good, and not all of them make any sense at all. Oh, women love the freedom that “women’s lib” has given them but with freedom comes the fact that they are now not only free to do awesome things but also free to make all the astonishing mistakes that they were being protected from making before.

Sorry but it is true. I see women – like men – making the most spectacularly terrible decisions. Ask them if they are a “sapiosexual” – attracted to high intelligence – and they will say “Oh yes, that is definitely me”. But then watch her choose the loser who just got out of prison who chokes her, hits her around, knocks her up and then leaves. I have just seen it with my own two eyes… many times.

You might be having an amazing, sexual, passionate, loving, wonderful relationship with a woman. But you are far better to assume that the ride could be over tomorrow, because it could. She could be gone any time. And if it stops being fun, it’s time to move on.

Enjoy the ride, and when the ride stops, jump out, say “That was cool! What’s next?”

That, and don’t get married.

Don’t Ever Chase

Women are a reward from life for living awesomely and being the best version of yourself you can be.

Don’t ever chase.

Mystery originally named this idea “Cat string theory”: When you chase the cat it runs away, but if you pull the string away from it, it chases after the string. It’s like that.

When you truly reach a place of abundance and freedom from outcome, when you are living in such a way that rejection does not matter in the least – because you have an awesome life to be getting on with anyway – then you will have that quality that women like.

Trust me, when you are high value, they will chase you. Ever seen female fans screaming and needing steel barriers when their favourite rock star is leaving the building? And trust me, it is not just his autograph that they want.

When you are really on point, you will be amazed at what women will do for you. A woman dreams of finding a man who makes her crave to surrender to him and let him take her.

There is only one way to do this.

Focus on self improvement.

It is a weird paradox, trust me. But it is true. You chase and you chase and they all run away and finally you get it and realize that you have to cure yourself of being the bitch, so you work on yourself. And the very fucking moment that you finally say “I am actually unavailable now, I have too much shit to do to be even thinking about girls”…….

… they appear. The hot ones.

The polarity has reversed. Being permanently available signals that she is the best thing you have going in your life, which subcommunicates that maybe you don’t even deserve her. If your life was that awesome she would have to work and be her best to get a piece of you, and would feel some uncertainty as to whether you are “in the bag”.

I have been at festivals where the ridiculously hot girl gave me the slip all damn weekend, then right at the moment when I had an INSANE task of teardown to do (I was on the crew) and under mega pressure, filthy, fighting a ridiculous load of 300 pound amplifier racks and knowing that it was going to be 110 degrees tomorrow and that if we didn’t get it all done tonight we were going to suffer tomorrow like hell…..

RIGHT at that moment when I was like “I have no more damn time to even THINK about girls any more” she appears and literally rugby tackles me, trying to drag me off to fuck her. And the more I tried to push her away because I had more important things to do than be waylaid by the likes of her, the more she chased.

True story. Cat string theory proven true once again.

A woman does not actually want a man following her around, a man who is weak for her. Unless he is a provider, in which case she will tolerate him.

She wants a man she has to win over. A man who has his own vision, his own path. Whatever your journey through life – if you live as a warrior, fighting on the edge of time against darkness, despair and the universe that wants to tear us apart… then she will want you. It is primal. We live in a savage universe and she is hard wired to seek the best mate she can find. One who also will not just settle for anything second rate from her. But who will have standards and only accept her best, being totally willing to push her away if she disrespects or does not treat her man well.

You will feel it when it clicks in. It is like the poles of a magnet being reversed. Instead of repelling, you attract. To begin with, like learning to surf, you will have a few seconds on the wave before you fall off. But you keep going and you get better. And knowing that it works will cause you to chill out and be more confident, which amplifies the effect even further. Knowing that you are enough and noticing women sparking and connecting with your vibe is a great thing. Keep a close eye out for it – they are pros at making it look as though they are not noticing you. It is so quick that men who are less experienced will not even catch it. It’s fun when you catch them checking you out and is something you can riff on.

Women sense the direction of the poles of the magnet. If you are chasing, they will withdraw. Lean back. Relax. Let her come to you.

When you are really getting it right, women will start hitting on you. Bolder ones will open you. Other times you might think “why is this girl standing next to me”. It’s no accident. If she is standing closer to you than any other man in the club, and she positioned herself there deliberately, she is probably waiting for you to open her. Or she will make some “plausible” reason to ask you a question. In clubs, women normally are on the run from all kinds of dudes following them around. They get good at it. They don’t give guys an opportunity to open them unless they want to be opened. If you have been sized up and are in the crosshairs, she may dance with her girly friends right close to you and they will put on a “show” – acting flamboyant, preening. It is primal. Instinctive. I have pulled in clubs just by standing there leaning back and taking in the dance floor. Looking comfortable and like I don’t give a shit if I pull or not; unlike the ‘thirsty’ guys who she is trying to get away from. They came to the club because they needed something. Trying to get something from her. This repels her. The man she is attracted to is already complete. He does not ‘need’ her in order for his life to be awesome. His life is already awesome whether she is in it or not. That is not to say that he doesn’t like women. He loves women.

But he knows that Women are a reward from life for living awesomely and being the best version of yourself you can be.

Live your best life and stop chasing women in a needy way. Live your adventure. By all means, go out and meet women. Have fun with them. Be playful, light, unattached. Don’t weird them out. Allow them the opportunity to experience you if they desire it, and take note of who shows up. The rewards shall be in proportion to your awesomeness.