Don’t Ever Chase

Women are a reward from life for living awesomely and being the best version of yourself you can be.

Don’t ever chase.

Mystery originally named this idea “Cat string theory”: When you chase the cat it runs away, but if you pull the string away from it, it chases after the string. It’s like that.

When you truly reach a place of abundance and freedom from outcome, when you are living in such a way that rejection does not matter in the least – because you have an awesome life to be getting on with anyway – then you will have that quality that women like.

Trust me, when you are high value, they will chase you. Ever seen female fans screaming and needing steel barriers when their favourite rock star is leaving the building? And trust me, it is not just his autograph that they want.

When you are really on point, you will be amazed at what women will do for you. A woman dreams of finding a man who makes her crave to surrender to him and let him take her.

There is only one way to do this.

Focus on self improvement.

It is a weird paradox, trust me. But it is true. You chase and you chase and they all run away and finally you get it and realize that you have to cure yourself of being the bitch, so you work on yourself. And the very fucking moment that you finally say “I am actually unavailable now, I have too much shit to do to be even thinking about girls”…….

… they appear. The hot ones.

The polarity has reversed. Being permanently available signals that she is the best thing you have going in your life, which subcommunicates that maybe you don’t even deserve her. If your life was that awesome she would have to work and be her best to get a piece of you, and would feel some uncertainty as to whether you are “in the bag”.

I have been at festivals where the ridiculously hot girl gave me the slip all damn weekend, then right at the moment when I had an INSANE task of teardown to do (I was on the crew) and under mega pressure, filthy, fighting a ridiculous load of 300 pound amplifier racks and knowing that it was going to be 110 degrees tomorrow and that if we didn’t get it all done tonight we were going to suffer tomorrow like hell…..

RIGHT at that moment when I was like “I have no more damn time to even THINK about girls any more” she appears and literally rugby tackles me, trying to drag me off to fuck her. And the more I tried to push her away because I had more important things to do than be waylaid by the likes of her, the more she chased.

True story. Cat string theory proven true once again.

A woman does not actually want a man following her around, a man who is weak for her. Unless he is a provider, in which case she will tolerate him.

She wants a man she has to win over. A man who has his own vision, his own path. Whatever your journey through life – if you live as a warrior, fighting on the edge of time against darkness, despair and the universe that wants to tear us apart… then she will want you. It is primal. We live in a savage universe and she is hard wired to seek the best mate she can find. One who also will not just settle for anything second rate from her. But who will have standards and only accept her best, being totally willing to push her away if she disrespects or does not treat her man well.

You will feel it when it clicks in. It is like the poles of a magnet being reversed. Instead of repelling, you attract. To begin with, like learning to surf, you will have a few seconds on the wave before you fall off. But you keep going and you get better. And knowing that it works will cause you to chill out and be more confident, which amplifies the effect even further. Knowing that you are enough and noticing women sparking and connecting with your vibe is a great thing. Keep a close eye out for it – they are pros at making it look as though they are not noticing you. It is so quick that men who are less experienced will not even catch it. It’s fun when you catch them checking you out and is something you can riff on.

Women sense the direction of the poles of the magnet. If you are chasing, they will withdraw. Lean back. Relax. Let her come to you.

When you are really getting it right, women will start hitting on you. Bolder ones will open you. Other times you might think “why is this girl standing next to me”. It’s no accident. If she is standing closer to you than any other man in the club, and she positioned herself there deliberately, she is probably waiting for you to open her. Or she will make some “plausible” reason to ask you a question. In clubs, women normally are on the run from all kinds of dudes following them around. They get good at it. They don’t give guys an opportunity to open them unless they want to be opened. If you have been sized up and are in the crosshairs, she may dance with her girly friends right close to you and they will put on a “show” – acting flamboyant, preening. It is primal. Instinctive. I have pulled in clubs just by standing there leaning back and taking in the dance floor. Looking comfortable and like I don’t give a shit if I pull or not; unlike the ‘thirsty’ guys who she is trying to get away from. They came to the club because they needed something. Trying to get something from her. This repels her. The man she is attracted to is already complete. He does not ‘need’ her in order for his life to be awesome. His life is already awesome whether she is in it or not. That is not to say that he doesn’t like women. He loves women.

But he knows that Women are a reward from life for living awesomely and being the best version of yourself you can be.

Live your best life and stop chasing women in a needy way. Live your adventure. By all means, go out and meet women. Have fun with them. Be playful, light, unattached. Don’t weird them out. Allow them the opportunity to experience you if they desire it, and take note of who shows up. The rewards shall be in proportion to your awesomeness.

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