Example Of A Dude With Incredible Game

update: I guess they took the tiktok channel down, which is a damn shame. Here’s his Instagram. The old videos were a treat but there is still some very interesting stuff up in this Insta: https://www.instagram.com/p/CS9u9isj9fc/

(the comments are a hoot. The amount of cynisism is off the charts, you can literally put the game out there in plain view and people will just not get it. Hear the swooshing noise as all the subtlety and nuance flies a million miles over their heads. They are seething with jealousy because they will never in a million years be able to pull of what this dude has pulled off and they know it. And the other 50% of comments are from girls wanting to join his harem.)



♬ nhαΊ‘c nền – βœ¨π“’π“ͺ𝓢𝓒π“ͺ𝓷𝓭𝔂πŸ₯€ – π™ˆπ™šπ™žπŸ§–

Random click on Tiktok and found a dude with ridiculous levels of game. Literally one of the strongest I have seen for quite a while. I picked one of his videos to do a “game breakdown” for you and give you a very detailed rundown of what is going on.

Let’s dig in. In this video he does a “20 second seduction” and makes a girl horny for him at warp speed. It’s fun, clever, super fast paced – and absolute textbook seductive game. There is SO much you can learn from this guy. It’s not often you get to see a true Master Player in action, so take notes! πŸ™‚

He pretty much has it all down, honestly. I can’t find much to fault and you can imagine from the reactions of these girls (they are gazing at him adoringly in all his videos) that he is getting a superabundance of whatever TF he wants.

Now the detractors are immediately going to say “he’s amazingly good looking” and while that is true, that is by no means the only thing he has got going on. He is running MASSIVE amounts of pure game. Let’s break it down.

Looks wise – he has natural good looks for sure, but he sure knows how to make the absolute best of himself. He clearly works out and has cut abs. He has cool tattoos. His hair is on point and very well cared for. I had a skim through the channel; he is perfectly groomed and exceptionally well dressed in all his videos. From the black leather jacket – a classic “hot guy” look that never goes out of style – to the white tailored shirts and suits – everything is faultlessly put together. Most of the videos seem to be of him styling himself up in the mirror. Looking good is not just something that he was born with, it is something that he gives massive attention and focus to. It’s his art and evidently occupies much of his time and focus. It’s all in the preparation and it’s a TON of work to have such high level presentation.

He is also peacocking – unafraid to draw attention to himself with plentiful jewelry and multiple “show pieces” that communicate huge confidence and status. Peacocking takes some balls because you have to rise above the typical fear of being singled out that most people have, and be unafraid to be noticed and to claim a magnified visual identity for yourself. You have absolutely every right to do this but most people are simply too timid, seeking instead to blend in and avoid the flak! Peacocking is a big part of the reason women go for rock stars and dandies. Being unafraid of the other males communicates alpha status.

However it’s not just the looks. There are a LOT of other things he is doing:

1) Projecting pure amorous intensity. He knows just how to pull the girls in for the “screen kiss” moments. Much of this intensity is projected through the “laser eye contact” and body language.

2) He leads. In the video shown, watch how he communicates non-verbally to the girl what he wants her to do. The “set is hooked” (she’s very obviously massively into him) and so she complies willingly with whatever he wants her to do. Note how she is always in a state of uncertainty as to what is going to happen next, and he leads her through a roller coaster ride of emotions – this is perfect game. He has great execution of all his “moves” and knows just when to amp up the sexual tension with sudden “gear changes” of pace.

3) Posture. He “carries himself” very well, with a physical posture that demonstrates confidence and swagger. Shoulders back. Head up.

4) Dominance. At every stage he controls what she does, in that certain way that she loves. There are numerous displays of dominance in this video – can you spot them? Game recognize game!

5) Push-pull. He is an absolute MASTER of push-pull. Most of the videos on this account are in fact centered completely on push-pull as a theme – and they are a clever series of mimes where the characters tease each other massively; building romantic anticipation before deliberately breaking rapport and leaving the other person wanting more. It’s quite amazing in fact that they are continuously creating new and inventive ideas around this theme.

6) It’s all FUN. Everything the dude does keeps it focused on fun, sensuality, charm, flirtation and sexual energy. There is nothing outside of that. Nothing else exists! This is very deliberate – it is the conjuror’s art.. the place where magic becomes real. The whole thing takes place in a sort of fairytale world where everything is “light” in the sense of being exciting and “good vibes”.

7) He leaves her wanting more. Our player builds her up to a volcano-like moment of passion and then drops her like a stone RIGHT before their lips touch! He deliberately does a massive take-away. Then turns back to her, building her hopes again… but instead of the eagerly anticipated kiss, pushes the candy cane into her mouth (more “sexual compliance training”!) At the end of the scene, he ejects without needing anything at all from her and without giving a damn that he left her unfulfilled. All of the above only serves to make her long for him even more. Look how disappointed she is when he doesn’t actually kiss her! She’s truly uncertain as to whether she is actually going to get him (remember, women LOVE this). It’s a key element in seduction. If she feels as though she’s “got you”, all the heat dissipates. This is a huge part of why most men fail. They literally hand themselves over on a plate. Women HATE it; they want the man that they can surrender to more deeply, not who will surrender to her – and men just don’t get it!

8) Note the clever use of props. The hairband. The candy cane pushed into her mouth (this is a very dominant sexual move) with a symbolic unspoken statement of “I’m the one who hands out the sugar”. Nothing is accidental. The scene is choreographed to give the appearance that the dude has everything planned out like a chess game, whereas the lady has absolutely no idea. The male part is certainly worked out in detail but we don’t actually know whether she knew what was about to happen. Either way, it is masterful mime theater. Very very cleverly done.

9) Note the phenomenal kino escalation. He knows how to seduce like crazy! It’s a good thing the video is on loop because it moves fast and you need to watch it several times to get all the details. One of my fav moves is where he gets her to put her hands above her head and then when he has her “pinned” (this is in fact a technique called mental bondage – she is not in fact pinned by anything other than the fact that he instructed her to do it and then left her there) he does not proceed right to tying her hands with the hairband but pauses unbuttons his shirt deliberately and provocatively, stripping for her momentarily in a theatrical, sexual way while maintaining laser eye contact. THEN reaches up and dominantly takes her hair band with a sweeping move, as though he has every right to. She fucking loves it. Guaranteed wet for him inside 30 seconds. Mental bondage is a fascinating seduction technique in its own right. The fact that someone can be “bound” by a command creates a kind of reinforcement of compliance. It’s almost like a magic spell…

10) Rapid fire. His sequence of seductive moves happens at super-fast pace. Like a series of ninja moves, choreographed dance or a complex sequence of punches thrown by a pro fighter. So much happens in so little time that if you did not know what you were looking at, you could be forgiven for not even noticing! The pace, timing and expertise is masterful and all part of the game. It happens so quick it leaves her breathlessly excited for more.

11) Social proof. You seldom see him on his own. In most of his videos he has attractive women with him. This communicates to the other women that he has an abundance of women in his life – which signals that he is highly desired and makes them desire him even more. Players exploit this on purpose and will for example roll into the club with several women. The nightclub player might not be sleeping with any of them – but can you see how much more desirable this guy immediately becomes than the typical “group of lads” who roll in together?

12) It’s “written in the language of women”. The whole thing demonstrates massive expertise in what women respond to. You could argue that the videos are all written in “chick language”. It’s the language of romance novels. It’s loaded with sensuality and with the stuff that women adore.

13) Open loops. The moment portrayed in this video is not an isolated event but is part of a greater storyline. Like a romance novel, the girl is left eager for the next chapter. This is another seduction technique – storytelling. “Open loops” are unanswered questions in the mind; these are deliberately placed there in order to create intrigue and make her want more.

14) He gets away with being a total cad, dandy and player – and in fact they love him for it. NOTE that there are a LOT of things that these girls in his videos don’t mind at all… things that men are often taught not to be and not to do:

β€’ They don’t mind at all that he spends hours preening in front of the mirror and is evidently in love with himself. He’s an absolute attention whore. “Your attention” is even the by-line of this channel! I’ve known other men like this too. One guy I knew was a hip hop vocalist and the girls used to joke that he brought more lotions and potions on the road and spend more time in front of the mirror than they did! Then later they would bang him… the dude was pretty short too – but he bedded many fine women.

β€’ They don’t mind at all that he has all kinds of other girls and that they can’t have him all to themselves (they are happy just to get a piece of him!) If you were to look at this objectively, you would conclude that he is an absolute dog. Does that bother these ladies in the slightest? Doesn’t seem to! Seems to just make them want him all the more! No doubt a million others would volunteer to take their place. It’s off the charts. The dude literally spends his life gaming and has made a career out of it.

β€’ They don’t mind that things happen super-fast. They can go from just standing around to full on passionate moment in 1 second. Once again the “standard rules” of waiting til the third date go completely out of the window for “the hot guy”. And she will say afterwards “it just happened”.

β€’ She doesn’t mind at all that HE does things “without asking permission”. She absolutely loves it. This is crucial to get right though. Just because you saw him do it, you can’t and absolutely mustn’t just go up to some random girl and try this if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. I hope this makes sense. It seems paradoxical because on the surface he seems to break all the rules. But if you look carefully, you can see that at no point does he do anything that would make her uncomfortable – and he knows exactly what he is doing. At every step of the way she signals compliance, comfort and a positive reaction to everything he is doing. Can you spot all those signals? A good seducer is an expert at reading non-verbal cues and pays great attention to them. If there is discomfort or resistance, he would back off. Everything is designed to raise her enjoyment and excitement of the moment and to show her a good time! If she freezes over, you lose! Note how perfectly calibrated all his moves are. He’s taking her for a magic carpet ride – the kind that only a master seducer can take a woman on, the kind she dreams about but so rarely comes along.

Make no mistake, this fellah, whoever he is, is a Master of the Game. Look at the body language of the girls. The wide eyed adoring looks. The excitement. 3.6M followers on Tiktok and I would be willing to bet he gets THOUSANDS of “please fuck me” type messages….. his inbox must be an absolute train wreck. πŸ™‚ Many women never get to experience the touch of a master seducer and although it’s taboo to admit, they want this more than just about anything. Yes they do! To the uninitiated, what I just wrote would be vehemently disagreed with. But it is solid fact: Years ago, when VH1 ran their series “The Pickup Artist”, the winner of the contest was bombarded by messages from women – not hating on him for being a player… but wanting him to meet up with them and pick them up!! So when you hear women say that they hate players, come back to this video and look at the smile on her face… the adoring eyes… the eagerness… and decide for yourself! πŸ™‚

End of lesson! Compare his seduction style with Sean Connery as James Bond – and if you like these detailed “game breakdowns” of videos let me know, I enjoy doing them!

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