Get your SHIT together man… because …

… they are there – in droves – and they are exsquisite, and bored, and horny, and frustrated, and READY… just WAITING for HIM to pop up.. and to be fun and dashing and exciting and creative and original and charming and witty and sexy. And to sweep her away to his castle in the clouds… if only for a moment. For she will take every moment that she can get!

Moments…….. that’s all there is…

Just take her out. Or invite her over. Or grab a quick coffee. Whichever is right. But whatever you do, do your homework. Be prepared. Handle ALL the details. A simple itinerary with pleasurable moments. And have NO EXPECTATIONS. Your ONLY GOAL is to make her smile, to make the day or evening a MAGIC CARPET RIDE for her with no bumps in the road, no awkward decisions she has to make, no fear, NO PRESSURE… only anticipation, interest, delight, comfort… and a sparkle of tantalizing possibility… for mischief.. for wanton abandonment… but first… to allow her to feel safe and open and to just ENJOY THE PLEASURE OF HER COMPANY, while she enjoys the pleasure of yours. That’s it. That’s all you are doing. That’s how you charm a lady. And then you discover what it is that you share.

If you don’t enjoy her company and are not feeling it, don’t push forward. Nothing good will come of it. Find one you DO enjoy.

I made it sound simple but it’s a life’s work for a man to master himself and his circumstances to the point where he can do this with perfect ease, grace and style. But it’s the thing that makes it all worth while.

Learn how to use your VOICE. Can you whisper? Play! Imagine. Take her out of boring, mundane reality…. into sensations… mystery… excitement… adventure…. mischief……. naughtiness.

Like this: This just happened. She is 20. A solid 9+ as far as I can tell (although who really knows with all these filters and crap now!) But I am 50. She can see that. You think age is a problem? She literally doesn’t care. She only cares how you can make her feel.

I had to blank out her username, location and part of her face for privacy but I have no reason to exaggerate. She is hot AF. And this is how she described herself. Pay attention to the description!!

That tells you what you need to know. So I did this.

Bam. READY AF. You can’t see the timing but that last message was INSTARESPONDED. Look for the ones who are READY. She’s made all that effort to be READY for Prince Charming!! See?

And then be prepared to hang on tight. Because inside her is a wild, passionate woman who is probably more sexual than you are… and you have to be able to keep up!

Your only job is to give her pleasure – but not as YOU think she ought to desire it, but how she desires it, and when. Remove all the obstacles that might be in the way of it. Meditate on what it is that is pleasurable. Enjoying the way someone looks is pleasure. Delicious tastes, things to look at, fragrances, fabrics, sounds, words… all of these things can be pleasures.

The strange paradox is that if you completely forget your own pleasure and focus on simply creating pleasure for her, at her own pace – she will love you for it. And you might find… that giving her pleasure becomes an even greater pleasure than your own… 😉

Note how I took her out of ordinary space. I referenced her words to show her I was PAYING ATTENTION. Made it 100% about her and the feelings she is having. She will love you for this! All the information you need in order to solve the mystery that is her is RIGHT THERE for he who knows how to look!

Oh, the possibilities that AWAIT!! That are THERE RIGHT NOW just waiting for you!!!

I am not perfect at this. I am nowhere near perfect. Making yourself into the best you can be is an ART. Like painting, or playing the piano… that can always be refined and improved. The work never stops. It is ALL work. To get to the point where you can PLAY. You cannot avoid the work and in fact he who best applies himself will be he who reaches the finish line first and has the most time left over for pleasures and adventures. But play along the way. Just don’t waste a moment in idleness, in mediocrity or in anything that is LESS than striving with heart and soul and fire for that which you TRULY desire. If you want it badly enough, MAKE it happen. FORGE yourself and your destiny. And never steal power. Become a SOURCE of power. A fountain of life and energy. With more than enough to share. You have it in you. Seek out those who bring it out in you, and bring it out in others. Let’s elevate!

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