Good Looking People Are Assholes

Billy Idol in his prime, not giving a shit… because why did he need to?

Let’s just be honest. Good looking people are assholes.

People are only as nice as they need to be. Human nature. If you are already getting what you want, why do you need to try any harder?

And so it goes.

The coolest, nicest people I have ever met have been physically unattractive. Also, some of the most obnoxious, self centered and rude people I have ever met have been very good looking. Now that is not to say that it is impossible for an attractive person to be nice and for an unattractive person to be horrible. Far from it. But there is an underlying principle at work here. It’s all about leverage and the technical term for it is SMV – Sexual Marketplace Value.

How shocking to suggest that such a thing rules human behavior! Don’t forget that sex is what keeps the human race alive and thus the laws of sexuality are the laws that drive our behavior at some of the deepest levels.

When you see an online dating profile of someone physically unattractive, you can be sure they will make a really big effort to be nice (to someone with a perceived higher SMV than themselves).

And I think, yeah, you better be nice, or talented, or skilled – because you ain’t cute.

This is also why comedians are generally not physically ideal specimens. They have to make up for it somehow. We all have talents but we tend not to grow them if there is no perceived need.

People grow according to the boundaries given to them and according to what is required of them. When people are cute, others will generally give them a free pass on all sorts of things. This will have been going on ever since their teenage years, and so the conditioning runs deep. The good-looking person can replace you easily as there are others lining up to get a piece of them. Hence a really hot guy or girl can be an absolute cunt and people will still come back for more. They don’t make any efforts to develop character because it really isn’t required: They can get laid and paid anyway.

Whereas if someone is physically repulsive, only the absolute pinnacle of “nice” behavior (read: paying for things and not limiting the behavior of the target) is going to get them laid.

There have also been scientific studies done to demonstrate that ugly people are much more likely to be assumed to be guilty of a crime than someone who has looks.

This is why criminal defense lawyers advise their clients to ‘dress to impress’ when up in the dock. Because if they look sharp it will influence others’ perception of their character. The fact that some pieces of fabric arranged in a certain manner indicates nothing of a person’s morals, is completely irrelevant to our primate brains, that are still hardwired to respond to these environmental cues.

So if you are being ignored, I would honestly say focus on your looks, physique, wardrobe and posture, rather than on trying harder to be nice. Of course, don’t be an asshole. But being a charming asshole – in the sense of being carefree rather than being an outright dick to people – gets results, see Billy Idol interview above. Also be highly aware of the “halo effect” and how it influences the way to treat others who you perceive as attractive.

The same applies in reverse. If you are trying to get the attention of someone gorgeous, be aware that 100+ other people are trying to get their attention also, and they really don’t give a shit because they don’t have to.

It’s really rare to find someone who treats all people with equal respect, regardless of the person’s physical appeal. This applies to both male and female.

So here’s what to do.

1) Understand reality. Know the game.
2) Accept reality for what it is. It is no use wailing that the world is not fair. That would only make you pathetic and get even worse results. Play the game.
3) Work hard on being awesome. “Be someone worth fucking” as they say. Check out our looksmaxing tutorial.

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