If You See Something Like This In A Dating Profile… Run…

I see crap like this so often it’s deeply troubling – in the sense that it makes me think that humanity is an absolute trainwreck.

Can you see what’s wrong with this scenario? Everything. More red flags than a military parade in Tiananmen Square.

Read the profile, fellas. Don’t just look at her tits. Learn about this person – because some situations are not worth it and not fun – and you have to peep game in order to steer clear.

She is in a very toxic relationship (MASSIVE red flag). The fuck?? So right off the bat this lady has very obvious BAGGAGE and drama and is hoping to be rescued (or perhaps to just have something dishonest on the side).

The thing she seems not to notice is this.. what on earth kind of “Real Man” is going to want to be a part of this scenario??? Does she seriously think she is dateable with this kind of train wreck happening?? Does she think that out there is some amazing guy who is going to fully accept her story that none of it is her fault and that she is just a perfect angel with a broken wing? Does her “real man” not have better options than this???

She also has 2 kids (perhaps with allegedly toxic person, perhaps not.) Is she lining this “real man” (another red flag when they say that) up to be a provider for someone else’s kids? Or are the kids going to have a toxic dad and a dishonest mum who is fucking someone else on the side..?

Fuckin’ yikes.

She wants to start something new with a good guy… but she is not single. You think her partner knows she is cheating? Obviously not. So she is “looking for that genuine connection” while being transparently dishonest – and doesn’t seem to even notice that this is a problem. Oh I get it. That’s allowed – “because he’s toxic”.

She says that if you treat her well she will treat you better but is oblivious to how poorly she is already treating whoever the fuck has the misfortune to stumble upon this profile. That’s not a good sign of what’s to come.

This amazing guy that she is picturing – he has options. Why the FUCK would he choose this? Even if we give her the benefit of the doubt and accept her story that her partner is very toxic – an abuser or whatever. This then means that dating her puts the new guy at risk of an encounter with said person. Yes it does.

Toxic person. Sounds like he could be controlling, violent, who knows? Who knows when he will steal her phone, find out she is cheating and drive round to your place at 3am.

Does that sound like fun to you? Does that sounds like her “treating you better than you treat her”??

When you make a connection with someone, you also make a connection to their circle. This is important to understand. Whoever they are still dealing with, whichever toxic person they have not cut ties with, becomes part of the overall scenario. This is why it’s called baggage.

Run. Just run. IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW CUTE SHE IS. Insta-next!

If you want a successful dating life, get your baggage handled BEFORE you date; rather than seeing someone else as a rescuer. And apply the same to the people you date. If they are looking for a rescuer… this is not a situation that you want to be a part of.

If you are in a toxic scenario, you cut those ties before you date a new person! You don’t bring that toxic energy along for the ride and just expect the new person to deal with it “because you are worth it”. Fuck no! Counselling, if needed. Cut toxic ties. Get happy in your single life. Then attract a new partner.

ps. Anyone with English as their first language who writes “a women” in a dating profile is semi-literate – another reason to give them a wide berth.

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