“I’ll Never Leave You, No Matter What”

Guys mistakenly think that women want this kind of loyalty from a man.

She might even say that she wants this.

But if you take this approach, you are setting yourself up for a life of pain. Let’s unpack this.

You do not get any points for loyalty, in and of itself. You get points for being the kind of man she WISHES would be loyal to her.

Imagine the situation the other way around. Imagine someone you are totally unattracted to is saying “I’ll never leave you”. Not only does that make you want to run a mile, but you can clearly see how if they made the effort to self-improve and make themselves desirable, it would have a far better effect.

Do you give a shit about whether they are loyal in and of itself? No.

If you find them grotesque, what does their loyal pursuing you make you do? Block and avoid.

Do you give a shit about whether they are desirable first and then loyal second? Hell yes.

You will only bring about loyalty in her by being someone worth being loyal to. Don’t get this wrong! The fact that you, too, would never stray is not the thing that is going to make her loyal to you! It’s your overall desirability.

Promises of good behaviour are far less effective than simply being someone about whom she is thinking “Please never leave me”.

So if you are not getting the loyalty you want from females, maybe it’s not “because she’s a bitch” but because you are not as awesome as you need to be in order to inspire that loyalty naturally. She just wants the best option she can get – so be that! And make no mistake – women are sexual creatures. You want her to want to fuck you? Good. Become awesomely fuckable.


If you will never leave someone, no matter what, then you effectively stated that you have absolutely no boundaries whatsoever – and that they can do whatever they please.

What does a creature – any creature – do when it is not fenced in? Exactly, it roams wherever the heck it wants.

You have also effectively stated that she is your absolute best option and that you really have no other options as good as her.

Because if you had a dozen genuine options at least as good as her, and could literally pick up the phone and call one of them this afternoon to come over this evening… would you even give a shit? Would you be saying “I’ll never leave you”?

Here’s the thing: The kind of man she wants is the kind of man who has options. He’s the kind of man who she HAS to treat nicely, because if she doesn’t, he could simply replace her with another girl of equivalent desirability – any time.

Does she want the man who no other women are interested in? Or does she want the man who has a ton of other women chasing him? This is the man she wants loyalty from!

Don’t Fake It

You CANNOT fake it. Do not attempt to “use game” in order to make it seem as though you are massively desired by other women, when in fact you are not.

This is a stupid, failed, manipulative strategy that really avoids the core issue: Your actual value.

Why would you need to manipulate ANYONE if you really are everything that she would want you to be?

If you try to fake it, it will get flushed out. Everything from the timing of your messages, through to your other behavioral tells when she does actually give you some attention, will reveal “where you are at”.

She knows just how many options as hot as her you have. Just assume that she DOES. That she has the all-seeing eye.

When you walk down the street with her… you don’t notice, but she does. She clocks all the other females and knows the meaning of all the glances they are giving you… or aren’t giving you.

When she looks at your social media… she know the reactions you are getting from the other ladies.. or aren’t getting. She can see that you followed 1,000 other women and that you are not picking up any followers. She can see whether you are all that you can be or whether you aren’t.

Women are hyper attuned to this stuff. She has to be! A very significant part of her feminine purpose is to find and mate with the best possible option she can. Her instincts will reward her massively with biological pleasure when she does, and will cause her to avoid the lesser option like the plague!

She’s not really in control of who she desires. You aren’t really in control of who you desire also! Attraction isn’t a choice!

We aren’t really the ones in charge of this stuff. This is nature’s game at the end of the day.

While that might seem terrible, it gives you a massive advantage when you really understand it: Because you can see what works and simply have to do that.

Rewarding Bad Behaviour / Chasing

If someone pushes you away or ignores you, the correct position to take is to “reject their rejection of you”. If you chase and give them more attention, you have signaled that you are ok with them treating you this way and in fact, by rewarding them for that, you are effectively training / conditioning them to do more of the same!

This is the behaviour that gets the treat? Then this is the behaviour that I shall do! And if I’ve already got you in the pocket, despite the fact that I am cold ignoring your ass… why should I try any harder?

Chasing can be a very difficult habit for men to break. We are used to “taking shots” in life and if our shot doesn’t hit the target, we try another shot from a different angle.

If your shot doesn’t hit the target and “catch” her interest, it’s better overall to assume that it’s not because your “tactics were wrong” but that the person using the tactics was not all that they could be!

In the past this used to be called “The Brad Pitt Rule”. The essence of it is to ask “Would she have done that to Brad Pitt?” (or whoever is the epitome of desirability at the time).

If you were _________ (mega desirable person), would she have flaked?
You could have delivered the same line and gotten massive eagerness, instead of “meh”.

This is ultra important to understand. Your “tactics” are less important by far than who you are. This is what matters. Being a high value person.

Raising Your Value

The trouble is, we are creatures. Creatures are inherently lazy – in the sense that they will choose the easy way to do things, if there is an option.

A text message is an easy, cheap shot that requires minimal effort. Sending yet another text is far “easier” than going to the gym and paying the iron price.

But it’s a fail. It’s a bad habit. It communicates that you are desperate for a short term fix instead of contented with the fact that you are building your future and knowing that is absolutely good enough.

Think of the most successful male you can. Is he there on his phone all day sending texts in the hope that he will get lucky? No. He’s concerned with the business of what it takes to be awesome – and doing that all day.

So instead of sending that 2nd, 3rd or 17th text into the void of her non-responses… do this.

Assume that if you are not getting the reactions and responses that you want from females, that you simply have work to do.

Because if she is thinking “wow”.. you will not be left on read.

The game has become ultra competitive in the modern time. In olden days, the dating pool you were competing against might have been 10 males. Of whom, 3 were ‘up together’ and of a suitable age group. In such an environment, your odds are pretty good just by existing.

That’s an extreme metaphor but you take the point, there was an era in which men didn’t need to go to extraordinary lengths to pull. Your attention, despite your crooked teeth, would be far better than no attention at all.

Those days are over. The idea that there is this super hot girl in the village, sitting there all by herself, lonely and just waiting for you? It’s not like that any more. Forget it!

If she’s hot, she has literally thousands of options. More than she knows what to do with. She’s getting continual attention. There’s absolutely no way for her to even respond to a fraction of the inbox action she is getting.

You simply have to stand out from the pack. The good news is that when you do… you too will have more options than you know what to do with.

Here are some of the main ways to stand out:

Status – size of your following and the volume of admiration you are picking up.
Presentation (attire, self-care and grooming)
How much genuine fun you are having
Elite level skills – musical instrument, top of the game in your field etc.
Seductive skills – ability to create a vivid fantasy and captivate her imagination
Sexual skills – how much pleasure you give her / whether you reliably get her off

All of these things are achievable – with hard work and correct moves. So now you know what you have to do – and there is no time to waste!

The Best Version Of Yourself

Here’s an exercise. Imagine you could re-create yourself. As you, but as the “ultra” version of you. Imagine that character. Take a good look. Everything about him. What’s he doing? What does he look like? How is he dressed? Is he winning a sports championship? Playing a stadium concert? Selling a successful business for a nine figure exit? What’s he driving? How do people react when his car pulls up and he gets out? When he walks into the room? Yeah, that guy. The guy you want to be. That’s you.

Now, look at him and look at you. And ask yourself exactly what you need to do in order to move yourself from A to B. It’s obvious, isn’t it? Where you want to be is simply behind a wall of self-discipline, hard work, good choices, effective time management and leveling up everything about yourself.

Get to work.

Most people don’t do it because it’s difficult and will require some pain. The lazy creature in us is saying “isn’t there some easy way to do this?” It’s like going to the dentist. Nobody wants to. But we just have to man up and get through it, because that winning smile is on the other side of that pain.

You just have to remember. Everything that you want is behind that wall of self discipline and struggle. There is no other way. Choose the right wall and start climbing that fucker, now.

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