This is just a general piece of advice for all, not just guys.

I am a block button ninja. If the global blocking hi-score chart was able to be known and seen… I might be up there somewhere in the top 10.

If an interaction with someone online is “going bad”… it usually happens in an escalating way. It gets progressively worse until bam, it ends up ruining your day. The key to avoiding this is to nip it in the bud before it gets that far.

I especially encourage women to instablock. When someone starts out trolling you or coming in with bad vibes, they are generally looking for attention. For whatever reason (that is nothing to do with you), they are not getting the attention that they want or feel that they deserve. It’s not your problem, it’s theirs. If they committed to excellence in their personal life, path and goals, they WOULD naturally be generating some attention, due to the fact that they are immediately worthy of respect and admiration. So in truth, the hate they are carrying is very often a reflection of choices they have made or obstacles they have not figured out how to overcome. It’s good to remember this so that you can remind yourself that whatever crap they threw at you is very likely not about you at all.

Don’t reward their bad vibe with attention! Because that sends a signal that “trains them”. Without realizing it, if you give someone attention when they treat you badly, you signal that this is what they ought to do more of.

And so they do. And so it escalates, resulting in them dumping more of their bad vibes on you until you FINALLY block them and leave the computer in tears.

Just instablock at the first sign of anything being weird, remind yourself that it was not about you at all and get back to positive interactions.

Choose and affirm for yourself that you only want positive interactions and that life is really too short for anything else. (It is!)

I also instablock on dating sites. If someone’s pic is “hurting your eyeballs” or the crap they wrote was a massive turn-off, and there is 0% chance you will be interested, you might as well just block them. It saves you ever having to see their profile again, it saves that awkward moment of dealing with them writing to you after getting your profile view notification… etc. It’s just overall efficient. Get rid. Pre-emptive blocking for the win.

There are tons more people out there. The quicker you can discard the ones you are definitely not interested in, or people who are not being cool, the more time you have available for the ones worth your time. Keep it pushing, stay focused on your dreams and I will catch you soon.

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