Is She Ignoring You? Here’s What To Do:


Is she ignoring you? Here’s what to do.


Are you really the best version of yourself that you could possibly be? Are you?

If so, then fantastic. I salute you! If she ignores you, then forget her. She doesn’t get you and that probably means the problem is her. Nothing you can do about it. Forget her and move on. There are a million other girls and you are a man of options… aren’t you?

If NOT….. then get your shit together!

It starts with the basics. Get your money straight, get your health straight, get your self care straight, get your look straight, get your pad straight, get your car fixed, get fit, get out of debt.

Have you honestly done all those things?

As the saying goes, if you want to fuck someone, start by being someone worth fucking.

Fix yourself up, man of God. 😉 Put YOURSELF first. Put YOURSELF back on that pedestal. Nothing to do with her.

Stride out of your front door in the morning with a purpose, with a smile and with a new shirt.

Stop chasing after girls on social media. Stop supplicating and acting nice in the hope that she will see what a good guy you are. Stop that! You have more important things to do.

Even more so… Stop giving money and gifts to girls. Especially some girl on the internet you are NOT having an actual real life not-on-the-internet relationship with. Internet “relationships” do not count. Stop it. Your money is for YOU. You buying some chick gifts and new clothes? You better not be! That money is for YOU. Your money you earned with YOUR hard work and YOUR skills. Women want equality… so let them pay their own way just like you pay yours.

Don’t get hung up on some girl. Any girl. It’s not worth it, trust me. Put all your energy into YOU. Your self improvement. Your path. Your career. Your dreams.

Girls are not your dreams. Girls are a BONUS you get from life when you are living your dreams. Soon as you chase the girl instead of your dreams, you stop chasing your dreams and you lose the girl as well as your dreams!!!!

Now get cracking.

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