“Landing The Plane” On Her Runway (Here’s How You Do It)

Well, they call it a landing strip for a reason… 😉

When it comes to “landing the plane”.. there is a “critical angle” that is just perfect – and it’s super important to get this right.

Most guys either come in way too steep (causing her to hit the emergency eject button, what you tryin’ to do captain??)…. or they just fly right over the runway and off into the distance and she just watched you sail overhead like “Here’s the runway motherfucker… I was waving my arms around saying come on in… you missed it, too late now!”

She needs a man who KNOWS how to land the fucking plane!!!

The first thing the pilot does when he’s approaching the runway is he signals his approach *in a way that makes her look forward to it* not “holy fuck incoming, call the fire brigade”.

And you need to LISTEN for the signals coming back from air traffic control! You don’t just announce “I’m coming in” and then head for the runway! No no no, are you frickin crazy?? 🙂

Pay attention to her signals. And when she communicates “Your approach is good fellah” you keep on approaching. Head for the runway! Don’t be flying forever at the same altitude with small talk and crap that leaves her thinking “This fucker doesn’t know how to land the damn plane” and then she’s DONE because, you know, there’s various other sexy looking aircraft in a holding pattern these days!

In general, a robust, “fast” approach is exciting for a girl IF done with skill. She wants a thrilling ride! PAY ATTENTION. You need to be SURE she is giving the right signals. And she WILL let you know what she thinks of your approach angle (not necessarily verbally, but by various cues from body language to attentiveness). But you absolutely have to PAY TF ATTENTION at all times and be AWARE of how you are making her feel! If you are coming in too steep, she will tell you to ease up on that stick (am I going to far with this metaphor? lol) and maybe circle around and try again.

But how can you tell the difference between slow down and stop?

Generally speaking, if she says “stop!” or “I want to go home” or “I should be going” or in ANY other way signaling major discomfort – then that’s pretty much your cue that it’s DONE. It really is. So be cool. It happens to the best of us. Don’t be a dick about it, make sure she gets home safe and accept it with good grace – like a good sportsman.

However if she took your hand off of her ___________ (wherever) but is still laying on the bed smooching you, then it generally means things are all still good, but that she needs you to warm her up more. Whatever you already did, that she gave the most positive reaction to… do more of that. She will let you know (one way or another) when the lights are green and it’s time to land that plane.

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