My Friend With The 1000+ Lay Count – Detailed Analysis Of His Game – How To Get 1000 Lays

I have a friend who claims a 1000+ lay count – and while I know it “sounds like bullshit”… I actually totally believe him. I hung out with this friend on a regular basis over the course of about 15 years and I watched his game consistently throughout that time. We were good pals and had a lot of adventures together.

He’s a self-proclaimed “old fuck” now in his 60’s and considers himself “retired from the game”. But this friend, despite being to all intents and purposes a “regular dude”, was bedding women left, right and center – and racked up the kind of score that most people think is only achieved by rock stars, elite athletes, nightclub owners and royalty of bygone eras.. He claimed over 100 lays in one year in his younger days – and I believe that too! He had no reason whatsoever to lie, is not trying to impress anyone and in fact kept this information concealed from almost everybody – as it might have damaged his social reputation significantly to have this info out there. Only a very few people (I am guessing about 3 in total) knew the actual truth – and I happened to be one of them.

So you are probably assuming he was ridiculously good looking, or wealthy, or whatever it is that most people think you would need to be and do in order to be incredibly successful with women…

And you would be absolutely dead wrong!

What’s interesting about this dude is that he was NOT spectacularly good looking, or in any way affluent. He also did not dress up super sharp. He was not super intelligent. He was not famous, or an elite athlete, or at the top of his field in anything, really. He was not super tall. He was not super ripped. He wasn’t super anything!

He also never studied pickup under some super-guru. I don’t think he ever spent a dollar on a “dating product”….


I know, right?! How the hell can all of the above be true? It flies in the face of everything you ever read or heard about “men who get laid like rockstars”! People all over the internet are telling you (as if they fucking know!) that in the 21st century you need to be an “alpha chad” sports champion, movie star, famous singer or male model, otherwise your genes are basically confined to the dustbin of history. Well…. they are all wrong, friends.

So I had much time to analyze the game of my friend and break down what he was doing, because over the years we probably went to upwards of 200 parties, shows or events together (I’ve lost count to be honest) and hung out on many other occasions too. I learned – purely by years of careful observation – that my friend pretty much had a consistent “pulling method”. Nothing particularly elaborate or advanced. Here are the fundamentals of what he did, together with my insights:

1) He stayed in great shape. Not in any sort of “Oh wow look at him, is he on the cover of Men’s Health” sort of way. But he looked after himself. He went to the gym on a regular basis (2 to 3x per week I think), went running weekly and generally took great care of his health, eating healthy organic food and so on. This was absolutely consistent throughout the years I knew him. He was fit. He stayed looking younger than his real age throughout the time I knew him. He had also studied dance at college and although he didn’t really show off on the dance floor very often, he did have a bit of that ‘dancer physique’. I think this was an asset. He was decent looking, but he didn’t have a spectacular “model face”, or ripped abs or biceps, or anything that isn’t within reach of the majority of us. At a guess I would say his height was 5’10”. He also had an average size dick. (I accidentally saw it once and wish I hadn’t. Can’t unsee, as they say). But anyway – overall he was more concerned with health and fitness than with looks in the abstract sense.

2) He didn’t dress super stylish or wear expensive designer threads but did choose clothes that were fitted – tighter fit, nothing baggy and had a decent “cut” that gives a bit of a lift to the physique. Nothing really fancy though. No tattoos or ostentatious jewelry. No expensive haircut. No sports car. No social media following.

3) He APPROACHED like crazy. He approached women at EVERY opportunity. And I mean every opportunity. He CREATED opportunity out of thin air. Seriously. We would be driving along and if he spotted a woman he was attracted to on the opposite sidewalk, he would literally loop around, park the truck, get out and go and approach. If he saw a beautiful woman, he instantly went for it. No hesitation. He would go up to them and just say hi and be really friendly, in a very upbeat positive good mood, chat for 1 minute, ask a few questions and then GIVE THEM HIS CARD and tell them to get in touch if they wanted to go for a drink. (This phraseology was, I believe quite important. “Go for a drink” conveys that he had amorous intentions, without being sleazy about it.) And then he would move on, never lingering too long.

He never asked them for their number, he gave his card. This, too, I see as important. Giving a card means someone can take it without awkwardness.. and then just not call if they are not interested – whereas asking for a number puts pressure on the person because if they are not into you, they know they are going to have to deal with you at some point. Giving a card makes the lady feel safer.

He was always polite, friendly, smiling and sort of lightly flirtatious. Nothing heavy. But he did this very consistently, for years. He would approach in the supermarket, on the sidewalk, in cafes… anywhere and everywhere.

So it was literally meat-and-potatoes “numbers game”. He would do several approaches per day, every single day of every single year. And when we were going to big events and stuff, it might be at least 20 in an evening. At “all dayer” events and festivals it would be non stop for the whole day / weekend / whatever. So in total he was making literally thousands of approaches per year for 40 years. We went out a lot. If we were at a party he would introduce himself to all the women and chat and flirt. I watched him “do the rounds”. And then later, sure enough, I would go out back and there he would be with some woman, fooling around in the back of his car. Out in public he would do a quick intro and give his card, but at events, if there was chemistry he would start to move it forward there and then, and might offer a hand massage or something similar, which would escalate things if there was something there to escalate. And if not… next…

I watched him do super bold, ballsy approaches on occasions. Example – woman sitting with 3 men at a 4 seat table in a busy cafe. Lunchtime. Who would even bother?? My friend would, that’s who. He said “watch this”, went up to the table and literally said to her, “I am sure I recognize you” or some BS. She said “no, I don’t think so”. He said “ok, well if you suddenly remember, here is my card, give me a call some time.” And then walked off! Job done!!! 😀 Now there is a 99% chance she just tossed the card but if you do this type of stuff 1000 times, there are going to be some women who call you up because they were attracted to you. And women do tend to like a man who goes for what he wants. You can see that in this situation he turned a 0% chance into a 1% chance. Do this enough times and you will have created all kinds of opportunities from situations that most people pass by!

4) He did not have super smooth talk. In fact a lot of his talk I thought was a bit cringe. He didn’t have incredible “pickup chat”. It was all a bit ham. It didn’t matter!

5) He was fearless. He had ZERO fear of approaching and ZERO fear of getting rejected / told to get lost. He assumed that 80%+ wouldn’t be interested and he was UTTERLY unfazed. It was water off a duck’s back and it just rolled off him if a woman showed disinterest. He never took it in the least bit personally, he just moved right on to the next woman! This I believe is a real key honestly. Most people talk themselves out of putting their bid in and subconsciously self-sabotage through fear of rejection. But you gotta play in order to win!

He very rarely got ‘hard rejected’ when approaching because he wasn’t a massive dick about it. He kept it fun and light and if the vibe wasn’t good he would quickly cut his losses and eject. Overall he was just friendly and flirty, chatted up a LOT of women and moved every situation forward if it was possible to do so. I also never heard of some other jealous dude throwing a punch at him. People in general tend to assume that approaching is way more risky than it really is.

6) He was not trying to be James Bond. He didn’t care about having gravitas, or being super slick, or trying to impress the fuck out of anyone – male or female. He didn’t have some giant ego or have the need to always appear cool as ice. He often made a bit of a fool of himself; didn’t give a flying fuck. There’s more than one way to the top of this mountain. To emphasize the point that he was never boastful about his “achievement” – I knew him for well over 15 years before he even mentioned “the numbers”. I knew he was always “on the pull” but I literally had no idea of his scores before that. He absolutely NEVER carried around an attitude of “Look at me, I bang more women than you”. If anything, he was a stealth operator. Flew under the radar and kept his private life private – for wise reasons.

7) He was NEVER pushy if there was resistance or a negative reaction. If he got negative signals he would just instantly fall back and move on. Total abundance mindset and he knew there were tons more women, so if one wasn’t picking up what he was putting down, another one would, so he didn’t waste any time. And he NEVER got “one-itis” – that fixation on one woman that so many men get.

8) He wasn’t as picky as the rest of us. I was always SUPER picky and wanted only the 9’s and 10’s. As a result I didn’t score anything like as many wins as my friend. He was happy with everything that was a 5+ and we teased the fuck out of him for this. It didn’t bother him in the slightest. But sometimes he did get 9’s and 10’s too.

9) He seemed to be always horny. He was totally preoccupied with bedding women and with the “beautiful strange”. It was a compulsion. He clearly had a high sex drive. But he didn’t just stay home watching porn. I don’t know for sure, but I have a strong feeling that he might have never watched porn at all. He also never seemed to feel sorry for himself. He was overall positive, took action and enjoyed the fuck out of his life.

10) I don’t necessarily condone what he did. You might not want to be like him and in truth I think he had issues with holding down a relationship.

But there is certainly a lot that can be learned from his game and his overall approach to life. A smooth operator who got laid like a rockstar, completely under the radar.

There you go. That is literally about everything I can think of. In summary – the simple and plain difference between what my friend did and what most men don’t do is simply that he had the balls to go for it. If he was attracted, he always approached. I never, EVER saw him get “approach freeze”. He always carried a fun vibe around with him. And he consistently took action. Every. Single. Time. And most men don’t. They don’t take action. They don’t have the balls to go for it. And so they literally watch beautiful women walk past… and out of their life forever… every day.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take….

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