Nobody Cares (But This Dark Truth Can Actually Improve Your Life Massively!)

“You can have anything in this world you want if you give other people enough of what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

This tutorial is probably the most important thing you can learn when it comes to your dating life (and life in general) and can cause the biggest, most dramatic shift in your results.

Nobody cares what you want. They only care about whether you can give them what they want.

This is a universal law and applies to everyone including you. At the end of the day, you are not “a nice guy”. You are an animal (yes, you are a creature, in case you forgot) that has learned to be nice because of the benefits that being nice provides.

Think of a person who you personally consider incredibly attractive. Picture them.

And ask yourself if you would like to be the one meeting their needs, giving them pleasure, and so on. Of course you would. You wouldn’t even think twice about doing whatever it takes to be the one who gets more of them and wins them over.

Now think of a person who you personally consider extremely UNattractive. Would you like to meet their needs so that you can get more of them? Of course not.

Nobody cares. Nobody cares that you are lonely. Nobody cares that it was a year since you got laid. They only care about whether you can give them what they want.

Crisis Or Opportunity?

Now here’s the next important part: While this might at first seem incredibly bleak, depressing and utterly unfair, it can actually give you a MASSIVE advantage in the game.

Because if you can meet that person’s needs better than anyone else, then you get the job. You blow away the competition! Your desired partner is literally all yours.

Once you identify those needs, you know exactly what you have to do.

The biggest part of this that men struggle with a lot, is that looks matter A LOT to women. Just like they do to you! Looks are not the only factor, by far – but genetic disadvantages such as height give you a much bigger hill to climb. Most people don’t want to admit it because it means embracing the cold truth that life is utterly unfair and nature literally doesn’t give a flying fuck if you live like a King or get squashed like a bug.

However, there is a TON you can do to level up your appearance. “Paying the iron price” and cutting the body fat can give you the “Adonis ratio” of shoulder to waist size, which is an instantaneous attraction trigger. It will also enhance your jawline – making it more chiseled when the covering fat is eliminated.

“Being nice” is, honestly, a failing strategy. Being overly nice to a woman, while you might think it’s going to increase your chances (and she will never deny it!) in fact sends the signal that you view her as your best option, which in turn makes her think that she can do better. The guy she is really interested in is the one who has such fabulous options that he regards her somewhat disdainfully. Think about a rock star. That girl you are fawning over is just another girl blowing up his inbox.

It’s another cold truth of the game that the amount of interest you telegraph sends all kinds of signals that are contrary to what you might imagine; and you give the game away in a thousand ways – from your body language to how quickly you respond to her DMs.

And you won’t get any sympathy, either. If you appear heartbroken, it merely indicates that you don’t have an abundance of viable options, which tells her on a primal level that she ought not to kick it with you either! Your sadness over losing her literally pushes her away.

However, do not make the classic mistake of trying to “fake it”. It won’t work. Trust me. You are FAR better off taking a good, long, hard look at yourself, thanking the universe for showing you the hard truth of where you are at, asking yourself if you really are everything that you could be, and making the effort to raise your value as much as humanly possible.

Many will say that being a “6 6 6” guy is the way forward and I don’t disagree. (6 foot tall, 6 pack and 6 figure income). This is a great simple starting point. Do the best you can.

Others (including myself) break down male desirability into four quadrants – “LMSG” (Looks, money, status, game). Sufficient strength in any of these four can get you laid – and a strong hand in all of them will work absolute wonders. All of it is valuable. For status game, read Dan Bilzerian’s book as he has really nailed this one. Money can buy you what you want directly, but remember the old quote about “if it flies, floats or fornicates”. Looks are more important than you realize until you observe the tangible benefits of looksmaxing for yourself, and game of course ties the whole thing together.

If you are height disadvantaged, please remember that it is not the only thing that matters. I know short, not-super-good-looking guys who have scored plentiful big wins with FINE ladies. I have no reason to lie to you about this. But do what you can. Get shoes with lifts.

Her primal response to height doesn’t care about whether you cheated a bit – in just the same way that your primal response to her lipstick doesn’t care that it was painted on. You see those lush, voluptuous lips and you don’t even care if it’s fake – in fact you would say “yes, put your makeup on because it makes me want you more.”

Mind blowing, isn’t it? Our biological impulses are so hardwired that we would rather have fake beauty than no beauty…

Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to stand out. There are all sorts of subconscious thoughts and fears “keeping us in line”. Screw all that. You are 100% free to level up, even if it means leaving some people behind. Accept this as a fundamental consequence of growth. If you grow while someone else stands still, they will not admire your growth so much as be reminded of their own lack of growth.

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