Some Will. Some Won’t. So What? Stop Chasing. Self Improve.

The Thirst is real fellas, and it is strong.

One only needs to take a quick look at social media and the thirsty fools in their hundreds, desperate to get the attention of some 18-25yo female:

the thirst
– Every single cute girl’s photo comments feed, ever. She does not respond to ANY of these men’s comments or PM’s, ever. (photos and user names redacted)

What did she do to get this attention, apart from being born reasonably good looking and sit there in her underwear?


Seriously, it’s pathetic. Hundreds or even THOUSANDS of drooling men competing for her attention. One of them probably even bought her the skimpy clothes she was wearing, not as a reward for something she did but as a desperate attempt to be liked!

This is called SIMPING. You will not get her attention that way. Full stop. End of story. In fact, it is completely counterproductive. Let me explain.

She does not give a DAMN if you are interested in her because your interest in her is not what drives her interest in you! Your QUALITY is what drives her interest in you. If you have QUALITY, she will have already noticed you, believe me. If you have quality, she will be expecting to have to WIN YOU OVER. And if you have quality, you won’t be spending your evenings on the computer posting comments on girls’ pics or blowing up their DMs – because you will be way too busy doing “winner stuff” with your life to have ANY time for that bullshit!

So if you act as though you are already won over before she has even opened her mouth, you are DONE.

First of all, she has OPTIONS.

And what does that mean? Two things.

1) If you are acting as though she is your best option… it’s over. Because the kind of man she is looking for is the kind of man who also has OPTIONS. The kind of man she is fantasizing about is the kind of man for whom girls of her calibre are two-a-penny. He is the kind of man that women like her are CHASING, not the kind of man that is chasing women like her!!! Do you see the psychology? If you are chasing her, it signals subconsciously that you do not have abundance of females in your life. Otherwise you would be the one BEING CHASED. Women are more likely to chase the man that she sees other women are chasing.

2) The kind of man she wants does not have TIME to waste on social media writing pathetic love letters to girls… because he is too busy being awesome!!! He has a PLAN for his life and he is too busy making it happen to be on Instagram all day saying “Hi beautiful” to random girls. Where have all the good men gone? They’re not on social media blowing up the DMs of random girls! Does a top athlete, rock star or entrepreneur sit around on Instagram trying to get the attention of chicks?? Seriously, this is a fact. Look at good looking women on Fetlife and you will even see them clearly state “NO MESSAGES FROM MEN”. They are 100% disinterested in hearing from men a) because of the thirst, which has turned them off completely and b) because the kind of man they are interested in does not generally message girls first on social media anyway – because he doesn’t have to.

Oh, she is looking for awesome men, believe me. If you are being awesome you WILL be noticed – and will be pursued. But by messaging her you already disqualified yourself. I know it sounds weird to begin with, but believe me. Look at this “opener” message I got from a girl (she messaged first and this was NOT a fake profile):

girl first

So ask yourself this: Are you committed to being the best version of you that you could possibly be and living the best life you can live, EVERY SINGLE DAY?

Do that – and let women be the ones to chase; because when you are putting your A game into YOUR LIFE, they will!

Don’t Be Too Available

Not because of some attempt at manipulation or “acting as though you are busy”. But you should actually be busy. You are not going to lose her if you do this!!! Important point. She will actually think more highly of you because you value yourself and your time. Being “always available” does not impress a girl! It signals that you do not have anything important going on in your life! She expects to have to earn a place in the life of a high value man. If you already placed her front and center before she has done anything for you except be born good looking… what does that say about you and your life? That you don’t have it going on!

You should not be fixated on some girl. You should be fixated on YOU. Do not put women on a pedestal! (Do not hate them either). Just stop giving them so much unearned energy. It is unattractive, will lead towards you being financially exploited (well to be honest you are exploiting yourself because you will be the one willingly throwing your money away) and is simply not what you should be doing with your life.

What the hell happened to your PATH? Your CRAFT? Your WORK? Your DREAMS?

What the hell are you even doing on Instagram in the middle of the fucking day?? Do you think that high achievers and top performers in life have time for that bullshit?

No! And neither do you IF YOU ARE GOING TO JOIN THEIR RANKS! It IS within your power, by the way.

But are you being the best version of yourself you can be? That is YOUR choice, your commitment – and being led around by your DICK all day will stop you from getting there!

How do you think I know this? 😉 Been there, done that.

It’s Neither Good For You Nor Good For them

Men’s pathetic simping behavior has now led to an entire generation of young women who do nothing with their lives except sit around in their underwear, chatting with strangers, selling their panties and rubbing one out on camera for thirsty fools who are paying to watch.

What the actual fuck?!?! Stop it!!!

video games all day
Seen online….

Remember the law of nature – people will take whatever you give them. But is that going to be good for them? Not really. Does a free handout lead to higher quality individuals with high self esteem? No, it does not. You know this. Having to work to earn something is what leads to self development, self esteem and fulfillment. The more you give people on a silver platter, the less they appreciate it and the more privileged and entitled they act.


Giving attention to women is something you should only do as a reward for them being good to you. Remember this. That does not mean stonewall them or ignore them totally. It just means, you don’t invest emotionally in someone who has not yet shown you that they give a crap about you. Yes, you have to open but that is literally all she gets until and unless she responds positively. This is why the pick-up artists recommend delivering your opening line “over the shoulder” as opposed to with your body fully facing hers. Facing her totally means you are giving her your undivided attention – which she has not earned yet!

Remember first of all that Beauty Is Common. That pretty girl walking down the street or popping up in your feed is NOT RARE. Stop acting as though she is. There are MILLIONS of pretty women in the world. That is not to say that good looks are not desirable, they are super desirable obviously. But looks do not and will not ever make someone SPECIAL so stop acting as though a good looking girl is made of fairy dust and that she shits your favorite flavor ice cream because of her looks. SHE DOES NOT.

What makes someone exceptional is their CHARACTER and you know NOTHING about her character yet. If you immediately go into PEDESTALIZATION MODE because of her looks then it shows in fact that you have LOW STANDARDS and / or are DESPERATE. Which is a super turn off to a girl!

First of all, focus on YOU. YOU are the one who should be on the pedestal in your own mind. That is not to say you should be a narcissist – you definitely should not – but imagine a statue of you is being made of marble and is going to be the version of you that is seen by the millions for the rest of time. Do you want to make any changes to yourself in order to BECOME THAT MAN who is going to set that example?

When you start committing DAILY to forging YOURSELF into the best version of yourself that you can be, a shift happens. People start noticing you, instinctively. You will notice that they are noticing you; and you will learn that dating should be effortless IF you are living the way you should be living. If you are being the best version of yourself you can be, on all levels, for YOU… it is ATTRACTIVE.

And you will pull, and will be treated better by women in general. Because you are respecting yourself. If you stop chasing women and start seeing them as a reward from life that will come when you start being awesome, you will do so much better.

By all means, make intros to girls. Say hello. Be playful and fun. But DO NOT CHASE. Stop it with the damn text message barrage! Do you not have better things to do?

You cannot “make” a girl be into you. And even if you are made of pure awesome, have sculpted abs from years of training, are a sleek, lean, mean machine….. she might not be into you.

So what? Do you actually fucking care? Because you shouldn’t!! And besides, if you keep on chasing when a girl has already signalled disinterest, then you are creeping her out. Stop it. Don’t be that guy. Do not chase. Attract.

Would James Bond give a shit if some girl blows him off??? Of course not. Because a) he has important stuff to be getting on with anyway, so he just gets right back into his groove and b) he knows that all he has to do is keep on focusing on being awesome and another one will come along.

Turning into a dancing monkey, desperately trying to get her attention… it signals all the wrong things. Let it go! I get it, she is incredibly cute, has that sexy voice you like, booty, legs, boobs, pretty hands, eyes, lips, all of it. I get it, believe me I do! But you have better things to do – and if you WASTE YOUR TIME on all this bullshit, you will NOT become the best version of yourself and she will choose someone else anyway!

And STOP giving money to girls who are not your significant other, for any reason, ever! Is she physically able to earn money doing some kind of work that makes the world a better place? Then why the hell are you helping her NOT to do that?

If you see a pic of a girl online who just knocks you flat on your ass? Stop. Do not message her. Print it out and write underneath “If I succeed in being the best version of myself I can possibly be, this will fall into my lap.” And then get to work! Because she is waiting for you to step up and be your awesome self.

Some Will. Some Won’t. So What? Stop Chasing. Self Improve.

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