Temper Your Expectations + Level TF Up

BOTH men AND women want someone who is hot enough that everyone wants them, but will also stay loyal.

Good luck with that!

Think about how absurd it is to be that way. Life owes you nothing. You are not “entitled to a girl”! She has options and she has every right to choose consensual relations with whoever she wants!

Rather than DEMANDING loyalty and desire, how about CREATING IT – by being more awesome than the competition?

Rather than whining “These women are all bitches”, how about being so fucking fantastic that she will EAGERLY treat you like a King because she can see that you are a CATCH – and knows that if she doesn’t… someone else will…?

Yes of course, it’s difficult AF. Social media has seen to it that we all have a million options at our fingertips. And so the SELECTIVITY is off the charts.

The competition is incredibly fierce now and you simply have to be better than them… otherwise you get ghosted.

We’ve gone from a dating landscape in which people had a handful of viable options (20th century village or small town, no car, no mobile phone) to a dating landscape in which you can literally find and send a message to probably a billion people.

This shift happened in ONE GENERATION and is completely unprecedented in known history.

In one sense, it’s fucked. But in another sense… this is all part of nature’s rich pattern.

And you have a choice: Level up or lose.

Life does not care. The universe literally does not give a flying F if you get laid or go without.

The sooner you can embrace this red pill truth and start becoming the most awesome version of yourself that you can possibly be, the better for your dating life. TAKE IT UPON YOURSELF and take responsibility for the results you get. Not by the use of force, persuasion or manipulative tactics on girls. But by becoming so spectacular that they are beating a path to your door.

They aren’t beating a path to your door?

Then you know what you have to do.

If she ghosted, blocked or blew you out?

You know what you have to do.


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