The 3 Second Rule

Life Is Truly Short. And now is the time. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not next year.

How do I know this?

Because of what just happened – and because I’m an old fuck, who is looking back upon days of glory that happened 10, 20, 30 years ago. Days that are gone forever. Lost moments, frozen in time; that now only exist in some dusty corner of that magical library we call memory.

And when I am gone…. it will all be gone too.

So live that life you want to live while you have the chance. Make it happen. This is real talk, not just a proverb. It will haunt you if you don’t!

Like I keep saying throughout this blog, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. We all do it. Even after 30+ years in the game, I still do it sometimes.

Like fucking today. I’ll be damned if I didn’t do it today. This just happened…

When you are getting older, it’s more common that you will be feeling like garbage. No excuses – but it gets harder. Had insomnia last night til 9am because of back pain. So to say that I was feeling rough today would be a bit of an understatement. Wasn’t even planning on setting foot outside my door.

Pulling was literally the last thing on my mind. I had subconsciously written it off even as a possibility (bad idea!)

I needed some plywood sheets for a cabinet I am making. Decided to just roll down to the local hardware store – 5 mins drive – and grab them.

Didn’t even occur to me AT ALL to be prepared for the game, physically or mentally. Just feeling too garbage and preoccupied with making it through my day to even consider it. And tbh just not even giving a fuck. Or at least, thinking that I didn’t give a fuck. (I was wrong about that; who was I kidding?)

I have this badass jacket and always wear cool boots, so I slung my jacket on and off I went. Whatever. Didn’t even look in the mirror.

Got my plywood. Came out of the store.

And then fuck me.

Walking across the parking lot right in front of me was the most unbelievably gorgeous 19-20yo raven haired beauty I have literally EVER seen in this part of the world.

A perfect 10. A real one. I absolutely kid you not. As fine as fine can be. Just randomly wandering past the hardware store in a boring town on a boring day.

She even gave her hair a shake and a quick preen as she crossed my field of view, not even 5 yards away from me. What?? Signs of attraction?? Me??

Nobody else in this parking lot right now bro!

But.. but… I’m old, tired and unshaven and…

I was so down on myself and my demoralized insomniac state, that I just let her walk on by – without even so much as a “What’s up, raven sista?”

That’s all it would have taken.

I even had my catch card with me. And to my eternal shame…. I just let her walk right on by… and out of my life, probably forever. Got in my car and drove away. I think she was even watching me drive off.

Too late. Game over.

You probably do this every day. Yes you do. Most men in fact, probably do this every day. Ever think to yourself that you don’t get laid enough? That means you are doing this. Admit it. I just did.

You never know when you are going to run into the girl of your dreams. It could happen any time and anywhere, literally.

Will you be ready to catch?

Of course, living out in bumfuck the chances are she probably won’t be just wandering by. But every so often… she will be. And you have to be prepared to catch at any time. ANY time. Because this is how it goes!

And sometimes, you’ve only got 3 seconds to make your move…

Being ready to catch makes magic happen. Trust me.

Life is full of windows of opportunity. They open – sometimes so very briefly – and those who are prepared – mentally and physically – will seize the moment. Those who aren’t, lose.

No excuses are allowed – because life truly doesn’t give a shit. Taking action – right now – is the only thing that matters in this world – because winning is everything.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” This applies not just to beautiful women who pop up out of nowhere, but to everything else in life. Quite often, there are opportunities that only come around once and then the moment is lost, never to return! Sometimes you have to show ’em what you got, at the drop of a dime. Could you do that? Could you? Right now?

Now of course you might not be feeling “on”, but champions don’t feel on 100% of the time. They have their good days and their bad days but they still show up and are still champion despite the bad days.

You would do so much better at 50% of your peak form than 0% because you didn’t even bother to take a shot… because you told yourself you were not “on” today or whatever other excuse you made.

So to wrap this up: In the game we used to apply a thing called the 3 Second Rule. It was Mystery and Matador, I believe, who developed it. Mad props to those guys! The concept is this: Between the moment you spot a woman you are attracted to, and the moment you go for it, you have 3 seconds, maximum. That’s all you are allowed. 3-2-1 go! If you dither and hesitate, not only do you often miss the window of opportunity, but your lack of confidence also comes across as weak and purposeless, which is unattractive. A man of purpose knows what he wants, believes he deserves to get it and has no qualms about doing something about it.

ALSO – the longer you leave it, the more the “hamster wheel” starts turning – of excuses, concerns, fears, “what ifs” and whatever other mental / emotional baggage your subconscious can throw in the path to derail you and sabotage you.

Instead of clicking right into gear today, I literally talked myself out of it because my “frame” was completely bent out of shape. It was only when I was half a mile down the road that I realized what I should have done. And what I am! Goddamn it, I’m not some piece of shit! I just had a sleepless night and have back pain, that’s all! I have lived a life of badass adventures worldwide and am wearing the coolest jacket she’s probably ever seen in this part of the world! No surprise she was attracted to me, really. I do have what she wants, after all.. I really do. 😉

But retrospect is a b*tch. You gotta get your frame straight BEFORE you head out the door. It takes 5 seconds! You are worth it! Look in the mirror and tell yourself that.

She’s probably bored, horny and longing for someone to come along and show her a great time…

The 3 second rule WORKS. It’s absolutely the right mindset to be in. When you get to the point where you can “click in” in 3 seconds and start gaming, no matter whether you slept or what… you are officially in the major league. Just this fix I promise you will change your life!

Another fuckup is assuming that you are unattractive and being so convinced of that, that you fail to notice and act upon genuine signs of interest by someone else.

I mean, whose standards matter in that moment? Yours or hers? If she is stunning and wants to fuck you, do you really want to talk her (or yourself) out of it because you don’t feel at your best? Really? 🙂

Attraction is natural. It’s normal! Nature took care of that part for you bro. So if she is into you and all the signs are there, does it really matter whether you feel like she “ought to be”? Hell no! Recognize the signs, reward IOIs with IOIs and make your move, my man. 3-2-1 go!

Anyway there you go. Game lesson of the day. Let my loss be your gain. If this reaches ONE person and causes something amazing to happen, my work is done.

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