There Are Millions Of Them

“Have you ever been – have you ever been – to Electric Ladyland?
The magic carpet waits, for you.
So don’t you be late
Oh, (I wanna show you), the different emotions
(I wanna run to) the sounds and motions
Electric woman waits for you and me
So it’s time we take a ride,
we can cast all of your hang-ups over
the seaside.
While we fly right over the love filled sea
Look up ahead, I see the loveland, soon you’ll understand.” — Jimi Hendrix.

There Are Millions Of Them.

Hotties. Gorgeous, beautiful women.

Lithe and sensual and horny and bored and WAITING
For someone AWESOME to come along and sweep them up
to his castle in the clouds.
And they love sex! They are longing for orgasmic ecstasy!

Welcome to planet Earth! 🙂

We live in Electric Ladyland, my friends. Truly.
Hear that clock ticking?
That’s the sound of beautiful women turning 18.
Every single second. It never stops.
According to the UN, an estimated 385,000 people are born every day worldwide.
Not all of them, sadly, will make it to 18.
Approx 50% of them are female, so we are very approximately talking about perhaps 150,000 women turning 18 every single day.
That’s 6,250 per hour.
1.74 per second.

And you are having trouble getting laid. 😉
I know. It’s tough. But the simple truth is this:
Despite being born as a champion swimmer….

You need to be more awesome.

Girls are looking for the most awesome partner they can find.
I’m generalizing, but it’s close enough to the truth to be applicable by default.
If you are super awesome, and place yourself somewhere that there is an abundance of ladies…
You will do well.

Oh, I need to go and lift weights and be chiseled.
Yes it helps, but it’s not everything.
There are plenty of buff dudes getting absolutely nowhere.

Oh, I am not six foot two and not earning six figures.
Charlie Chaplin was 5’1 and sired children in his seventies!
And I have friends who pulled like machines despite being short and broke.

Because they had fantastic charisma and radiated FUN.

I know another guy who has an endless string of 18-25 BABE girlfriends despite being in his 40’s and overweight.
I met him because his INCREDIBLY HOT exotic dancer GF was a friend of my GF.
When I first saw him I was cordial but secretly thought “Really, this guy?”
And then after kicking it with him for a very short while… I got it. This guy is actually cool as fuck. Like really cool. He knows how to live well and has tons of charisma. He’s super fun to be around and the ladies adore him.

He knows how to create his own happiness and has a core of positive energy that is fully independent of what some girl does or doesn’t do.

They find this incredibly intriguing and they WANT SOME of it. They can’t help it.

You could say that he radiates value rather than trying to take value from them. KEY point.

So don’t try to be an imitation. Can you see how that is an attempt to take value?
They say “be yourself” and while this in one sense is the most useless advice in the universe, there is a grain of truth in it:

You have to find the place within yourself where you love your life.

I don’t just mean an endless string of dopamine spikes from video games or social media. Definitely not that. It’s a drug.

I mean actual core authenticity and personal power. It takes work to be the best, realest and truest version of yourself in a world that wants to turn you into another cardboard cutout clone. We were meant to strive. It’s what makes us strong. Getting everything on a plate… you think you want it but it makes you weak, soft and useless. Disposable.

Yes, do everything you can to improve your health, physique, wealth and social status.
But none of these things should be used as a crutch.

Guys who use money as a crutch to prop up a weak personality
Get exploited by women, and it’s as see-through as anything… and they find it a massive turn off.

The main key is to find the life that fulfils you. Your true self, if you like.
When you are in touch with that, it stops mattering so much what any one woman does.
None of it fazes you. She comes, she goes. So what?
You are not clinging to her, leech-like, for your happiness.

But have some happiness of your own, to radiate.
Like the sun.
This is what makes her attracted to you. What makes you magnetic.

It’s such a conundrum. You can’t fake magnetism. Don’t even try.
And right when you stop worrying about it and get into your groove.
You become magnetic.

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