Treat Me Like A Princess

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Can you treat me like a princess? Here’s a random dating profile thumbnail that prompted a train of thought before I even clicked it. I didn’t even click it!

Let’s unpack this. She’s testing for betas / simps – right off the bat. That’s the most important question in her mind! Front and center! She’s strictly business (or likes to think she is, because that’s what’s fashionable these days, certainly not being a housewife, oh no! And women are herd creatures at the end of the day.) So it goes like this: She is putting out the feelers to see if you lead with your wallet. Lead with your wallet and she will allow you to entertain her. So long as she’s in charge, so long as the wallet stays open, so long as you don’t “pressure her”, and so long as someone richer OR hotter OR both doesn’t come along, at which point she will either ghost or “my mum just came into town unannounced” or some shit.

It’s despicable that any man would disgrace himself enough to pick up what she is putting down here, but presumably lots of them do, because this shit is all over the internet. Notably of course on “simp sites” like the dating site I pulled this random example from.

If you are mug enough to pay her bills and fund her “lifestyle”, then she’ll let you. All the way up to your limit. But will you get a BJ out of it? Let’s get to the point here! She’s already categorized you. If you are a good looking beta, who has interest from other girls and therefore a risk of straying, then she will give you more and better BJs than the other girls give, to keep you “in the pocket”. If you are already in with girls out of her league, then she will diss you as a player to see if you start acting nice. Don’t fall for it.

Remember this: Her fantasy is NOT that “some guy” will treat her like a princess, it’s that the hot guy will also treat her like a princess. Note that this is completely illogical, but it raises her self-esteem through the roof. Think about it. Why is the hot guy going to treat her (or anyone) better than he needs to? Why would he run around after her when hotter girls would fuck him without him having to. This is the part you need to understand. Being hot takes focused time management and self discipline towards YOUR goals, not hers! The fantasy is that we get all the endorphins and signals from nature that we are special and chosen, without having to do the work.

If you are really hot / desirable / non-betafied, then she will make herself available to you without any “hoops to jump through” and without you actually treating her like a princess at all. This will be entirely instinctive. She will pop up and be amenable to situations / steer you towards situations where it’s “just the two of you”, without any necessity of some expensive venue where she can pose for selfies.

Do you really think she gives a damn about expensive surroundings when sex is the #1 thing on her mind? Well, do you? No. You’d be just as happy in the back of a Toyota Corolla, what matters is how hot she is.

And it’s the same for her. This shit isn’t really that hard to figure out in the end. Never lead with your wallet, because if she isn’t already impressed before the wallet came open, she isn’t suddenly going to get moist for you when it does.

Borderline cases: If you are hanging out and things “seem positive but you are not sure whether or not to make a move”, generally speaking, you can go in for the kiss.

Not too suddenly! Somewhat slow is fine. If you get within 3 inches, look at her lips and it’s obvious what happens next, you will get a reaction without actually doing anything you could be in trouble for, which will give you all the intel you need. If you are face to face and get “the triangle” look – one eye, then the other eye, then your lips, then a smile, it’s game on.

The great thing about this is that going in for the kiss is “safe”, generally speaking. Any sort of grab or erotic touch with the hands first is not safe and could get you in a lot of trouble. And you don’t even need to do it, so don’t be an idiot! Learn which are the “socially acceptable” places for physical contact – hands, shoulder, upper back, hair and hugs are probably ‘safest’ and the response will give you a ‘temperature reading’. For even greater “safety” use the back of the hand for a touch.

The worst you will get if you go in for the kiss is a pullback / turn away / excuse.

It’s very obvious. If you get eagerness, then proceed. If you get reluctance / resistance, don’t. If she refuses the kiss, you might as well go home and forget it, because if she doesn’t want to kiss you then she don’t want anything else either!

Want to date me? There are criteria! If all you are getting is the ‘simp roadblock’ type crap, with “requirements” and various criteria of any kind in order to get to first base… she doesn’t see you as hot. Face it, you probably are not hot. Your #1 goal in life is therefore to GET HOTTER. It’s far better to put yourself on the pedestal in life, not girls. Become the God. Not in a delusional way. But in the way of the man who diligently crafts himself into someone he is proud to be. Then you get girls as a by-product of that success. That is the way!

Put your credit card back in your pocket. You earned that money for YOU. It’s yours. Now get off the internet and your ass down the gym!

I haven’t even looked at her profile. How the heck did I glean all this info just from a selfie and a headline? Years of situations with women and years of studying male-female dynamics. You need to get this good at reading situations and people, so that you don’t get burnt. You will get there.

ps. note that even on simp websites, you can still pull. She will make exceptions for the hot guy and treat him like a hot guy, no matter what platform he pops up on. He always gets pole position.

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