What To Do If You Got Dumped. How To Handle A Breakup

This is an important tutorial. Let’s dive straight in.

First Things First: Do Not Chase!

Remember this always: Receiving that sweet feminine energy is not your goal. Becoming the most awesome version of yourself you can possibly be is your goal. Receiving that sweet feminine energy is your reward.

When the sweet feminine energy stops? Do not chase after it! Appreciate what life has shown you about where you are currently at, and get back to work. You have work to do. Work on yourself with pure focus… and when your own energy level reaches a certain point, you will attract that feminine energy again.

Notice how that is always the way it is, in fact? You pulled when you were in a high place inside yourself – which naturally attracted her. Your task is to get back to that place and in fact to go even higher.

You never, ever get anywhere by chasing! Ever! It WILL cause her to blow you out even harder, which will cause even more of an energy crash when you realize how badly you fucked up! Do NOT send her another message. Do NOT go look at her social media again. Do NOT “do stuff to try to be noticed”. Get back to self improvement ASAP!

We have a tendency to get bent out of shape if a beautiful woman leaves us that we have been vibing with for a while. Here’s why: When you have already gotten close to a woman, her sweet feminine energy is “right there” for you to enjoy – and so, without even meaning to, you get lax. You stop being “a hunter” and you reach for the cookie jar – literally as well as figuratively. 😉 And we know what happens when you work less and eat cookies more…. you get weak. Your own energy drops. You become dependent on her “sugar high” energy for your well being; whereas when you were single, you were getting your energy from your life.

This shift from “providing energy to taking energy” causes her attraction to diminish… and we know the result. You can feel the result by the “weather” of her emotions. Sweet summer breezes got replaced by dark clouds and then finally, the storm…

We can easily slip into bad habits without noticing and it is super difficult not to – but you have to keep your standards up, your focus on your life goals and your daily training consistent in order to keep your energy levels high and “have enough to share”.

So when the “tap turns off” of the sweet feminine energy that she was giving you, take it as a sign from the universe that it’s simply time to get to work. THANK the universe for showing you what’s up! Work on yourself. Never chase! Get your energy from your life and from your commitment to yourself.

And certainly don’t fall into any form of “self-punishment” – whether it is punching walls or hitting the booze. The only thing you should hit is the gym!

It’s important to remember that a woman could do anything at any time, for any reason or for no discernible reason at all. She might be all over you today and gone tomorrow.

It will always be like this and there will NEVER come a time when you are so awesome that you can just stop working on yourself, so get over it and keep your focus on YOU. Like a champion fighter – the day you stop training, you start getting weaker and hard muscle starts turning into flab.

Enjoy her femininity when it’s there, laugh and let it go when it isn’t, don’t get addicted to the cookie (nearly impossible lol) and keep the focus on moving up in your own life.

She Is Not The One. YOU Are The One!

REMEMBER THIS: No matter how much you like her and no matter how sweet the cookie tastes, you should never like her more than you like yourself. You should NEVER put her on the pedestal in your own mind. In your own life, YOU are the one. Truly!

One of the reasons the old school players were “successful” in “hooking women” as opposed to being hooked by them, is that they put themselves first always. No matter how hot the ho was, the player remains the most important thing in his own universe. Egocentric and conceited? Perhaps. But did it work? Undeniably.

It’s a perfect example of how someone “will treat you the way you treat yourself”.

Through his actions, his walk, his talk, his dress, the player communicates on all levels simultaneously his congruent high self-esteem and his high standards. She has but one choice: Get with the program or get lost. He literally doesn’t care if she walks away because the only place she can get his awesomeness is from him – and besides, he knows that if he has consistently made himself a priority and worked on himself like crazy… like buses, another one will be along in five minutes.

I’m not saying be a player. But certainly put your own needs first and ruthlessly cull everything from your life that is not serving those needs. That self respect in and of itself will improve your dating life massively.

And the number one way to communicate that value? How you manage Your Attention.

Attention, Please

The hot woman has the low-value man‘s attention in the bag. She could call him in the middle of anything that he is doing and he will drop whatever he was doing (perhaps even literally) and immediately be “at her feet”… like a doggie when the treats come out.

Just getting her attention is an irresistible high for him. It has a greater hold over him than his own future!

As a result, the low value man, having communicated zero self respect… has nothing that she aspires to. No further energy for her to absorb – except perhaps when she got dumped and needs a shot of self-esteem from his adoration. She has no attraction to him; but she might use him – possibly even to the limit that he allows himself to be used. Sadly this becomes habitual and very hot women nowadays have all sorts of men buying things for her, paying her bills and giving her money just for a little of that… attention… and the merest hint at the possibility that he might get a treat if he’s a good boy.

A high value man, on the other hand, is extremely busy being a high value man – because that’s what it takes to be the best version of yourself: A firm and ruthless commitment to you. Have you ever seen a part time super-successful person? Me neither. The high value man literally doesn’t have time for any of this bullshit and is comfortable enough in his own skin and how much he already likes his awesome life anyway not to need her attention at all; although he may of course desire it and enjoy it. But when it goes, he truly doesn’t give a shit. Like James Bond when Moneypenny attempts a takeaway… he gets right back on with being awesome and continuing to develop his awesomeness, without so much as a blink or a dip in his state.

When the hot woman calls, she better call him at the right time and treat him nice… otherwise he simply has better things to do than deal with whatever BS she wants to talk about. Her cat, her mean landlord… whatever. If she wants to use him to get some errand done, thinking that her looks are enough to make him just do it, well, that’s going to get treated with the contempt it deserves. Anyway, I thought she was a strong independent woman, didn’t you?

It’s not that he is being manipulative. He just knows what’s up and has his self-esteem truly handled, as opposed to superficially handled. His standards are high and rock solid and his powerfully honed time management skill ruthlessly eliminates low value activities from his life!

And believe you me, hot women are hunting for the hottest, most high value male they can find!

But she has to be bringing her best self plus some value to the table and not being a jackass, otherwise he is simply gone, no matter how hot she looks.

He indicates what he will tolerate, which does not include her “princess bullshit” – and that’s that.

“The Work” Never Stops For A Man. Ever.

Note that you cannot become this overnight. It takes months if not years of diligent training, productivity and focus to become the best version of ourselves we can be. To begin with, you will get pulled off course by all sorts of women. Until you wise up and “master yourself”. Progress is gradual, with numerous ebbs, flows, setbacks and adventures along the way.

This is why you never chase. And this is how you handle a breakup: You get right back to your training, your self improvement and your work on yourself. The work never stops, whether you are in the mood or not. Never. Get used to it, get down to it NOW and start leveling up. It’s time to change gear and floor it with your self improvement. Life is short and every second counts.

Here’s how you will know when you are truly on target and have this life-lesson on lock: When she blows you out, you immediately think “Cool! I have all these awesome things to be getting on with and now I can! Life is wonderful!”

You might even find that when, after you disappeared off the map and forgot all about it, and she starts chasing your rock-solid energy again, you can’t even be bothered to deal with her. Good sign. 🙂 Deal with her if you want to, but don’t feel obliged to and be sure it’s only on terms that are congruent with your high quality life.

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