Winning Is Everything

Winning Is Everything

In a man’s world, winning is everything. There. I said it.

Now. Modern culture wants to eradicate this kind of thinking. Competitiveness is now frowned upon and everyone gets a participation trophy.

Do not fall for that toxic ideological insanity.

Let’s break it down.

Women are biologically driven to select biological winners to mate with. This is called hypergamy and it is hard coded – for a good reason. It is basic survival of the fittest. The strongest genetics and health create traits which we instinctively recognize as “attractive”. Poor health looks less attractive. Deformity is perceived as unattractive – for a reason.

Our primal brains instinctively react a certain way to these traits. This is nature’s game, not ours.

For Men too, the drive to find a suitable mate is arguably one of the very strongest drives. To quote the legendary Mystery (Erik von Markovik) “If you do not reproduce, your genes will be unceremoniously snuffed from existence.”

This is reality for men. Getting laid is thus essential to the survival of your lineage. Are you going to let someone else tell you that your genetics being “consigned to the dustbin of history” doesn’t matter?

This is the reason why men are competitive. It’s because women love a winner and their instinct is to choose the best possible mate that will give her offspring the greatest chance of survival.

This is the way we were made.

So now let’s look at what it takes to become a winner……….

You Were Born A Champion

The first piece of good news is that you are already a winner! Yes, of the approx 250 MILLION sperm in one ejaculation, YOU were the champion swimmer that beat all comers (pun intentional) and got into that healthy egg. Imagine that! A swimming race with 250 MILLION contestants. A DEATH RACE, in fact – where there would only be one survivor and all the rest would die.

All of those 250 million were fighting for their existence, swimming for their very life… and you won. YOU beat every single damn one and got the gold medal called Your Life. The chance to LIVE.

That’s incredible, and it’s true. So there you go, one great reason to feel good about yourself. You beat them all, champ! You have every right to walk down the street with your head held high! Every breath you take is one of sweet victory!

Now it’s time to continue that form. Because your career is not over and no champion can rest upon his laurels for too long and still remain champion. You are in another race and this time it is against all the other champion swimmers from all those other swimming races that produced all the other males that are now sniffin’ around that girl you got your eye on.

Is she going to choose you?

Now you understand why you are competitive. That desire should motivate you – but in the right way. You should be driven to be the best that you can be. Healthy, strong, fast, skilled, knowledgeable. Do not let anyone crush your natural drive to excel, to win, to improve. I do not think that this ‘equalism’ that attempts to bolster the weak and suppress the strong is a good thing. To me it is ideological insanity. Anyway…

You can understand now why champion athletes are so desired by women and admired by men. There is a reason for the instinctive enjoyment of sports. You could even go so far as to say that the entire arena of sport is part of nature’s plan to perpetuate the species. If there is no competitiveness, no winners or losers, and “everyone gets one girl each” then natural selection would no longer be taking place. We would effectively be breeding in weakness… at which point nature will find other ways to cull the herd.

Can you see why people still pay to watch men fight, or compete in other contests of physical prowess, skill and mental strength?

You can now see also why the 80-20 rule is in place: 20% of the men are having 80% of the sex.

So you need to be in the top 20%.

Start taking care of yourself physically. Enrol in a good quality physical training program. Just by doing this you will put yourself in the top 50% because as you know, 50% of success is just showing up. You already overtook those who are sitting on the couch doing fuck all except consuming social media and eating chips.

Think seriously about your dreams. You have strengths. Focus on these things and develop them. Become awesome at something. Being good in your chosen field immediately puts you in the top 20% of something. It’s really about making the best of yourself, for you.

Monk Mode

This attitude has acquired a new moniker: Monk Mode. Monk mode, as illustrated in this video, is the temporary disappearance from public view in order to focus like a laser on self improvement. It means deliberate, strong choices to spend your time well and work hard:

Note, I don’t endorse some of the linguistics that he uses but the fundamental premise of this video is solid.

Do not let the limit of your abilities be known. When you display your greatness it should always appear as though you are in fact capable of even greater things, causing people to wonder what more might be inside you. Do not let your toil and sweat be seen, but work so damn hard that the things which are unattainable to others seem comfortable to you. Do not appear to be struggling to achieve the heights you have achieved. It is all the more impressive if you are head and shoulders above others, yet still within your own comfort zone, looking as though you are barely breaking stride. You will be the source of awe, fascination and inspiration.

Work extraordinarily hard in total privacy and secrecy, so that you can appear effortless in public.

Remember the Count of Monte Cristo – how he “disappeared” entirely from the world – and then when he returned, he was forged anew, strengthened immeasurably by his trials? He was branded falsely as a criminal, imprisoned, forgotten, presumed dead… yet on his return was wealthy beyond compare and able to overpower the enemies who had destroyed him before.

Be you as he. Disappear from the world, and work as though you have a gun to your head, as though are facing the fires of hell and goaded by demons with sharp teeth and red-hot brands. Then return made of pure fire and strength. None need see your tribulations, your weeping as the iron bar overcomes you, as you stagger and fall, and get up again, and again. They shall only see the Man Triumphant.

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