Women Love Simps (Just Not For Sex)

Can you spot what is wrong with this picture?

(copied for study purposes only “fair use”)


Profile was of a very good looking 19yo woman. Very hot. I would say for certain 9+ in looks. Amazing body. Banging thigh gap. Not a “10 hot” but not far off! She definitely had the goods alright.

You would. I would. We all would.

And she knows it.

Now if you fall for this load of BS that she has served up right here, and you start chasing her, then it completely serves you right if you get what is coming to you, which is a rinsing of the wallet and no sex whatsoever, except with your own hand of course. Let’s unpack this in detail.

1) She is very well socialized. She goes skiing and parties a lot. She’s been hit on probably 1,000+ times and her inbox probably has hundreds of messages in it (from thirsty fools).

2) Her sense of self-worth (and entitlement) are through the roof and this is continually validated by the large amount of admirers / orbiters that she undoubtedly has.

3) Ski resorts are upscale. There are plenty of affluent men there and she is used to being around men who “lead with their money” aka. “tricking off their paper”.

4) She has 0.0000000000 sexual interest in these men. ZERO. That line “there is nothing sexier than a generous man who knows how to treat a girl” is total BAIT designed to set you up. Its a trap for the clueless. She has already put the disclaimer in the next para. “Online interactions only.” In other words… she is never (and I really mean never) going to f*** you… she is never even going to meet up with “daddy”… and has set up a complete firewall. Her frame is that if you want her (screen) time and attention, she will provide a ration (the bare minimum)… if you pay… and you better pay good because “she’s worth it”. And she can end it, permanently, with one click… any time she wants. You might get rewarded with an online peep show that is less than what you could get for free somewhere else anyway. If you fall into that frame.. well.. good luck amigo.

5) She is a skilled player even before the age of 20! There are tons of them out there now and social media has created the ultimate on-ramp for this despicable “thotpocalypse” scenario to flourish. What was once frowned upon has now become completely normalized; the world is now a gold-digger’s paradise, the like of which has never been seen before in human history! This young woman has figured out how to get her bills paid and lifestyle financed without barely having to lift a finger – and she is very probably surrounded by other young women who are all schooling each other in the game and competing for points by trying to land the biggest “whale” (cashed-up idiot) they can find. It only serves to increase her sense of self worth, the further these chumps go in their desperate attempts to get with her and how far they are willing to abase themselves in their attempts.

6) That’s not to say she is not horny. Oh believe me, she is horny. Just not for simps. I would highly counsel to NEVER message women like these first. She’s screening for hot guys, believe me. But probably doesn’t look in her DM’s because she knows that isn’t where she is gonna find him! Because the hot guy has better things to do than be messaging the likes of her! If she messages you first, then either a) you already showed off your affluence (more fool you!), in which case she is trying to catch your wallet, or b) you are an extremely good looking stud who has shown total disinterest – and she WANTS. If that is the case, she will be attempting to meet up with you without laying any of the above ground rules, barriers or conditions.

7) That’s right. The kind of man she chases is the one who shows her total indifference. That sets him immediately apart. Why can’t she wrap him round her finger like all the other boys? He has no need of her whatsoever, because he has an abundance in his life. If you had 100 girls of this calibre messaging you, would you really give a shit about her? Not really? Like buses, another would be along in 5 minutes. Hey, don’t blame me for the way nature made us.

8) You can’t fake it. If you have simp tendencies she will flush them out in an instant. She has a radar for all this that is more fine-tuned than you would possibly believe. It’s literally what she was built for. It’s a bit of a stretch to call it a killer instinct, but it is not far from that. It is biologically hardwired into her to go for the hottest, strongest, most in-demand man she can find. And when she’s fucking him, she doesn’t give a DAMN about what is in his wallet. If there was truly “nothing sexier than a man who wanted to bankroll her lifestyle” (‘scuse me while I puke), she would NOT be saying online only. She would be saying “When can we fuck”?

And she DOES say this! Just not to simps, ever. Ever ever ever! (You can game her though. Bear that in mind. You don’t have to be a 6’4″ snowboard champ if you’ve got super solid game.)

Check this one out. She even put simp in her hashtags!! (dying)

(copied for study purposes only “fair use”)

See? She LOVES simps! They pay her bills! But when the hot guy comes along… you can bet your life that it’s as though she is playing by a completely different rule book. And that’s because she is! She will literally treat these men as though they are a completely different species. In her mind, there is absolutely no dichotomy here and it’s an absolute waste of time attempting to point out the double standard. And you categorize women too! Yes you do. She’s either hot or she’s not.

The kind of future life this is ultimately setting her up for is probably not going to be pretty. It’s all bad, in my view. She might think she has it made – but us old dogs know that anything you get without having to work for, comes around to bite you in the ass in the end. Yes it does. Male, female or otherwise; there are no short cuts to a truly high quality life.. Free handouts are toxic; sugar may taste sweet… but it rots your teeth and gives you cancer. Spending her prime years sitting around in her panties is developing her life skills about as much as simping is developing a man’s. We are all being played by big tech, ultimately. This is their game and we all lose…

Never, ever fall into her frame. You are a man. That means you live on your terms and not some “negotiated surrender” with an entitled chick. If she “sets the hoop” and you jump through it… thinking it’s gonna get you somewhere… you are on the slippery slope to simpdom. Any advances you make will be brushed off like a fly.

Solution: Work on yourself until these women start blowing up your inbox. If they don’t? Keep working. Self improvement is THE key to winning this game. Don’t waste a NANOSECOND on anything else. And NEVER CHASE. If she isn’t chasing you, who TF cares? Get on with building your awesome life. Imagine how amazing you would be if you spent every second of that time working out, working on your business and cultivating your look, that you had spent writing to girls who never wrote back, flaked or gave you the runaround… it’s a choice at the end of the day and what you choose to do with your precious time matters more than just about anything in this world.

These girls differentiate and categorize men completely and absolutely. “Alpha fucks, beta bucks.” It’s absolute objectification, which is what social media is training us to do. Acquire, consume, discard. You don’t want to be in the beta category. It’s miserable. But, contrary to popular opinion, where you end up is completely in your hands. You are the one who has to work on your life and make yourself into the kind of person you are truly proud of. Women are a bonus, not your goal.

“True pimp n****s spend no dough on the booty” – Notorious BIG (you see now?)

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