You Can Still Get Her

But not if you fill all the silences with noise.

Your silence speaks to her just as loudly as your voice.

You think that in order to “reach her” you have to send one more text, and another… and another.

But what does it communicate?

Not what you think it does!

It communicates that you are not centred in your purpose. It communicates that you feel her slipping away and are trying to grab her and pull her back.

But she is a mirror of your soul.

What happens when you try to grab your reflection in the mirror? The mirror breaks and the reflection is lost!

It’s not her that is slipping away… it’s you!

You don’t actually want to grab her. You only think that you do.

What you really want is for her petals to open to you, like a flower opens to the sun’s rays.

And so it’s obvious what you have to do, isn’t it:

a) Become the star that you are.
b) Shine!

You derive your energy from your life and you transmit it to her. That’s how it should be done. That is how you attract. If you try to get your energy from her, she will push you away because she can’t afford to lose it and in fact she needs more! You are the man. Draw energy from your dreams and embody them. This will attract a woman. Trust it. And if she isn’t attracted to that, then move on because she’s not the one! Have faith in yourself!

In music, the spaces in between the notes – the rests – are as important as the notes. It is the silences that give definition to the notes.

It’s the same with your texting. If she doesn’t respond – don’t chase. Never chase. Get on with the work of making yourself so awesome that she chases you!

Captivate, don’t capture.

It’s a weird paradox. The better your life is without her and the less you need her for your happiness, the more she will want you. And so you need to do the difficult task of tearing yourself away from fixating on her and start fixating on you.

You could be more awesome. Yes you could – and in fact I’m willing to bet that this is in fact the exact reason why she’s not texting back. You need to level up. So here’s a pro tip on how to do that: Remember that…

Every. Second. Counts.

If there is one thing I could get across to you in this message, this would be it.
Time is incredibly precious and you only have a finite amount of it.
If you take your sweet, slow-ass time now, one day it is going to hit you. But it will be too late.

She doesn’t want you? Then maybe you need to be better. Take a good look at yourself and ask yourself if you are everything you could be. If you really are the absolute ultra version of yourself. Are you? Are you?

You have a lot to do. There are so many ways in which you could improve.

“But I’m doing everything I can do!”

Bullshit. You are moving at half speed. Would you move faster if there was a gun pointed at you and they were going to pull the trigger if you didn’t? Of course you would! Well, life DOES have a gun pointed at you and one day it IS going to pull the trigger.

You do not have much time. There is no time to waste, at all.

I would even go so far as to say that time management is the single most important factor in the game. How you choose to use your time is everything in this life. Give that some thought.

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